Strength Shoes

Is it helpful at all if I wear Strength Shoes while doing hurdle jumps, bounds, box jumps, etc.?

I’m training on my own for open track meets over the summer (on days when I’m not practicing with my semi-pro football team) and I usually mix in the aformentioned jumping drills after my speed workouts, 2 or 3 times a week.

I’m not sure if doing this with the Strength Shoes has been the best idea, thinking over it. Will it help me at all?

Strength shoes are not the best idea. The drawbacks including overload causing injuries outweighhs the benifits. A good strength and plyometric program should give you equal if not better benefits and keep you injury free in the longrun.
I think there has been discussions on this topic. Try doing a search. Then report on here what you have found and ask questions if necessary.

Ok, I went through the same thing you did. It took me to realize that strength shoes hurt you instead of help you. Do the jumps, bounds, etc. without them. You dont want to risk an achilles tendon injury that will put you out for a year or two.

Luckily I bought the program instead of the shoes. The program was useful without the Strength shoes, but do more research on this site

Alright, thanks guys. Looked around a little bit and it turns out I’ll discontinue use.

Good choice. I would be regretting myself a 1000 times a day if I really bought those shoes.

There is a study I found (Google) a while back that basically said the only thing that Strength Shoes added was a risk for injury. The control group had the exact same gains as teh variable and less injuries.

There are no secrets to a good vert/explosive power. Its just practice and good planning.