strength ratios

i don’t know if it’s not regular to post this article.

if it is, you can delete the link;jsessionid=1A5806F477EC88BD521657BA6110D42C.hydra?id=1823834

i’d like to know what do you think about this numbers.


That guys an idiot!

Just kidding, that’s me. We’ve kind of discussed that article when it came out. What’s your question.

I also have an article up on Charlie’s main page.

I think the list as a whole is pretty good, but there are some numbers that seem a bit off to me. For instance, the bulgarian squats, lunges, splits squats seem insanely light, as I can do them with roughly 60%+ of my back squat rather than 3X%. Also, the ratio of DB overhead press to DB hammer curl seems off. One should always be able to overhead press way more then they can curl.

Other than those though, it looks good.

Remember, just because it something works or doesn’t work for you, doesn’t mean that it’s correct.

I very well could be off on the various split movements, but I would wager good money that the hammer curl to overhead press numbers were way off.

What you’re basically saying in the article is that the strength of the biceps alone should be equal to that of the delts and triceps combined. That’s just crazy talk.

Now, if some body-english were allowed on those curls, then that would make more sense, but it would have to be quite a bit.

They are different movements at different angles, using the same weight doesn’t really mean the biceps are as strong as triceps+delts, or vise-versa. I don’t think the difference is much though, my dumbbell shoulder press done in full range may be 5-10% higher in weight. It says in the article that shoulder press should be about 3% higher anyways. Most people use a pretty limited ROM for shoulder press, or arch their back pretty good and recruit some upper chest.

I’ve seen articles like this before, fun to compare, don’t think it should be taken too seriously if you not right on. But I think it will help those guys out there with huge imbalances, or guys just hitting there upper bodies realize just how weak they are in some areas. That’s what I beleive the article was intended for anyways.

can you link me that previous post where you have talk about this topic?

me i’m not sure about this one:
• Dumbbell bench press (two dumbbell total) and one-arm row (two dumbbell total) — 60 %

maybe the db bp it’s ok, but the 1 arm db row it’s a little bit high…

the incline press couldn’t be as strong as the pp & the jerk

then i agree that the db shoulder press has to be more strong than the curl.

anyway good article, i’m trying to make an excel sheet :wink:


Thank you for seeing the bigger picture.

No need for the excel sheet:) , it’s hopefully coming out in a gym style chart that’s 18 by 24.

I’m working on getting it into Perform Better, Power Systems, etc. I just need to find the most appealing format.

can’t wait for it