Strength Endurance Ideas

What are some other things that can be done for strength endurance workouts besides just running A’s?

I was going to do some Running A’s followed by some overdistance ext. tempo (400-600m reps…maybe longer), but I’ve also read that depletion chins and pushups can be included as well. How would I do the order on that workout?

Ex: 2x2x50m Running A’s, 4x600m at ext. tempo pace, depletion pushups, depletion chins?

Is that right? Any other ideas?

I’ve done things like:

60m B march
60m loose alternate bounding
60m lunges

for strength endurance

stiff-leg dollies are a good option

can u describe those 4 me please?

bump I’d like to know this too.

I imagine this is the thing where you point up your toes and walk on your heels?

Nothing special: Str leg bounds.


has anyone else found they get calf, back of knee issues doing these?

If you have back issues it could possible cause problems because its a explosive post chain movement.