Strength Endurance for 400m

What are some good strength endurance workouts for a 400m sprinter? How many days can strength endurance done and for how many weeks? or months?

Also what part of the race will that help a sprinter for?


Strength Endurance is basically running As executed over distances usually from 30 to 200m, with the coach walking slowly beside the sprinter to control the duration. Such drills can take up to 2 min or more to complete! Plenty tough! They are usually done once or twice weekly.
In the new E-book, you will see examples of Long to Short and Short to Long programs, with weekly breakdowns including Strength Endurance. Stay Tuned.

So can these be a sub. for ext tempo esp. this time of year? And if they were how many reps or sets should be done?

ex)4x200 (A’S)

4 x 200m Strength End running As??? Tell you what. Start with 30meters with a friend walking slowly beside you (keep perfect form, don’t pass him and don’t stop till you get there). Upon completion, think about what 4 x 200m would be like! This is high intensity, killer work! We went as far as 120m, 200m in one session, but not after 1984 when we adopted a short to long approach for the sprints. This approach works better with multi reps over 30m.
In the new e-book you will find examples of the speed training plans for both Short to Long and Long to Short, including Special Endurance. That will give you a very good idea of the training involved at a high level

Will the e-book give the description of running drills(which and which not to use) that we heard about last year from Number 2 in describing the upcoming manual?