Strange Feelings

This is really hard to explain, and somewhat personal, but, it seems that the more things I do to improve my fitness and well being, at the same time, I get stronger and stronger feelings of not wanting to die. I sometimes also feel guilty of feeling too good when I do things (i.e, b12 shots) that increase my sense of well being.

Can anybody relate? Help…:o

could be endorphins and BTW not wanting to die is good. :stuck_out_tongue:

Pretty sure that feeling of impending doom and avoiding it is a normal part of life.

Yes I think your right about the endorphins. I only feel this way on my high intensity sprint days. I’m very aware of everything including my own thoughts much more then normal and it stays like this for the rest of the day.

Somehow maybe more endorphins are being released but I have no way to measure it at the moment.

Yes, I agree.

that definitely sounds CNS related then. For me training, and especially on high CNS days, is a very creative / reflective time. My Boss has got to where she now expectantly asks are you training today? when there is something that requires quite a bit of thought :stuck_out_tongue:

i dream MUCH deeper the day after speed days

Lucky you!!!I’d like to work in the same place you are!!

I just started to realize this myself! They are so vivid and powerful on those days.

About dying… I second 100m001, and I’m often surprised with the realization that others don’t feel as bothered by it, on a regular (this might sound too much?) basis.

My hypothesis is that people who take over-the-average care of their bodies, fear more of losing it (“what a waste…”), while those who just live with it and do nothing to stay young and strong, view it more passively as something that will eventually age … until it’s all used up and ready to be disposed.

I know probably all of us, according to society’s standards, are too young to be discussing this, but is it really all that “strange” for young people to feel bothered by the notion of dying?
I think it sucks, anyway.

What a pleasant discussion :slight_smile: >ending with a smiley face, to reinforce humanity’s mask of hiding the bitter truth. :o

It is a social justice agency and we do some pretty cool stuff but it does have its challenges ($ being the main one). Among a range of things, we are busy developing a programme for teens for next year and waiting to hear about research funding into a programme we deliver at the local prison which we are at the final stage with, so fingers crossed.

my personal experience is that I was more concerned about death when I was younger than I am now. Of course there is the whole spiritual element to this …

spot on!!! ^^^^