strange biomechanics

okay i am brazilian of african descent, i never bothered to look through my ancestral line but i was either descended from teh bantu or sudan tribe. I have very long arms for my height(1.72cm) aprox 5’8.5 ft. However my legs are short and my torso is long. I have anterior pelvic tilt and super flat feet. Have anybody heard of similar body mechanics to mine. Also what does that make of my running style, i run with fast turnover like mich johnson cause he to had short legs long torse. I am perplexed how to go about running through my own bodytype. Suggestions with ppl with strange anomalies within their physiologies or others close to you?

another thing to note is my hips are small i measured with a ruler across, and its exactly 30cm hewhehehe. I dont know in inches unfortunately.

That’d be 11.8 inches…30 centimeters that is…Otherwise, im sorry i can’t help you with the rest of your question…i just like numbers:D (1cm = 1/2.54inches)

You can run on your hands. :slight_smile:

With those measurements I would become a deadlifter.

You would probably only have to move the bar 5cm to lock out.

your right soma, deads are easy for me while squats get comfortable but it is painful every once in awhile.

I dont mean to sound mean but u seem like a monkey why not try boxing? with that reach u could keep alot of folks at bay. but as to ur real question im sorry but i dont have an answer.

i did boxing for six years, yes it is easy for my weight i am also a good fighter. However i love sprinting so im trying to focus some suggestions on the emphasis of sprinting mechanics for my bodytype. The things with my arms is the humerus is fine but the radius and ulna bone of the forearm are unusually long for me (tough to rack on cleans).

Man that sounds like a quandry for sure, but God made u that way. So the the only thing u can do is adapt to your surroundings with the best ways you know how. Hey whats your events and times and mabe i can say something more relevant to your question.

I can sympathize!!! I too have arms that are very long for my height.

I used to swing my arms like a gorilla when I ran. Have you ever seen the movie Happy Gilmore when that Giant guy chases Shooter?..Yea, thats what I used to look like…minus the mustache and other unseemly features…

I’ve tried a lot of different things in terms of what to do with my arms, and the one thing that I’ve recently found that works is to shorten your arm swing. To some this may sound like it could be detrimental to your speed because of a lack of extension, but what I’ve found is that “normal” people’s hands seem to finish with their finger tips in line with their mouth/lips.
My normal arm swing before I made corrections had my hands and fingertips going past my eye level, and this actually FELT normal to me. But, when I looked in a mirror and imitated my arm swing, it looked WAY out of proportion. I have since cut my arm swing down so that when I can begin to see my fingertips/hand nearing my mouth/chin when I run, that is when I start the “down swing”.
On another note, I have not made/tried to make any adjustments to the down swing because it has always felt /looked natural even with my previous form, and I thik the corrections to the height of my upward swing are automatically compensated for.

Also, I’m still working on the transition of the arms in my drive phase where they are used vigorously and play an integral role to the shorter motions when I become more upright…needless to say, I’m still a work in progress.

Hope this helps some…

im new to track and only ran 12.17 FAT in the start of my second season but got hip strain and was out the rest of the season. I got back and now healing from another minor injury on the adductors. Another thing im noticing if i rise naturally on the start i cannot catch up to my friend who runs 11.00 FAT. Unless i keep my head down and prolong it purposefully like the drive phase i can hang with him and am only a few steps behind him. I have’nt run a comp since then but i seem to have made progress. Hopefully something will turn out for the better.

yea i know wat u mean on keeping the drive phase longer…but see you raising naturally right now is shorter than its supposed to be cause you havent trained your body to stay down longer which in time will then feel natural, na mean? Man if you just started running and able to go mid to low 11’s then i dont see why you cant be a mid 10’s runner in a couple of years. Just keep your form work going and keep up proper training and your body will come along.

Yeah, u will continue to progress pretty qucikly with the right training

heh somewhat new, well i ran first year after highschool and its first time i take anything serious in sports in my life, previous was soccer and basketball for fun, i did shit in highschool. Until i turned 18. first year was having hip pains and calf tightness but was still able to train for the whole year and didnt lift any weights, i dropped my time down from 14.10ht to 12.28ht.
then second year the second season i hit the weights and in six + months made crazy gains in the track my start was getting good from there. Doing lots of tempo endurance was getting there but a naggin pain was getting to my righ thip and bam in the mid of may on 2005 i got a hip strain out the rest of the season, before that injury i had the naggin injury and ran my first electronic timed race and got 12.17FAT. i raced another one but it was a few weeks after and no compensation or improvement was noticed but then i was injured. SO i rested for 5 months hit weights again dropped squats and focues more on power cleans, this seemed to improve my speed more i noticed in the start. SO i got a groin injury SHIT it healed for 4 months but it still lingers and aggravates pretty badly after practice and the next day. With this injury im nurturin i seem to be running faster then ever and beat my friend by a few steps in the 100m he has run last week 11.59ht. So who knows something might fly right.

I stopped WEIGHTS completely, i feel this is what is leading me to the injury last year and this year. I focus all my efforts to max on a new pb on the gym rather then on the track and the gym has consumed me. The ego inflation was when i was making these crazy gains after my first year of track.

Athletes who have display these qualities typically have a combination of lower crossed/pronation distortion syndrome - due to muscular imbalances, improper training, and decreased flexibility.

HOWEVER, this would nearly be impossible to tell without a full physical/hands-on assessment.

Senri - it looks like you are located in Vancouver (I’m assuming Canada, not Washington state.) If so, send me your contact info and we can discuss. I’m currently working on the North Shore.