Straight leg deadlift

Can someone tell how to peform(hip,knee,and ankle) a straight leg deadlift the way a sprinter would?

dont know how a sprinter would perform it differently…straight legs mean straight legs theres not much room for variance. perhaps you could vary the equipment (Barbells v DBs)

personally i would recommend rdl’s instead because i found them to put less pressure on the lower back and really hit the hammys good

Straight leg, stiff leg, RDL and Good Mornings can all be rotated in and out for variety. If you really don’t like one of the above, you still have three to choose from.

I like RDL better. Less back stress and better loading. Whenever I have my athletes do stiff legs, they are extremely sore and tight even at low loads. I think its the extreme stretch under load causing the issue. I don’t like them being that sore when we have other qualities to address, such as speed. DOMS wil last for 3-4 days after them.

What’s the difference between RDL and stiff-legged deadlift?

Lyle McD has a good explanation on his site-

Thanks. Based on the information of this article, I’d say that I’ve been doing RDL for years and always thought I’m performing SLDL. With the exception that the plates are always touching the ground at bottom position even though I don’t consider myself “unusually flexible” or having long arms as the article states. I see no reason whatsoever that any sprinter should do SLDL in place of RDL with rounding back at bottom. Do you?

I certainly don’t, no. Round backed stuff can have it’s place but throws a good bit of stress onto the spinal ligaments without improving the training effect on the target muscles. So I don’t see much of a point to it for a sprinter.

i actually feel less stress in my back when i do SLDL than when i do RDL. To each his own i guess.

In fact, i don’t even do RDL anymore because i couldn’t do them without killin my back