Stormy Runs (60-400m)

Ok time for a new training/racing journal. It has been a while! Watch this space

Vic Masters - Croydon Tues

70m - 2nd in 9.20
200m - 2nd in 26.98

Training (with 2 others)
4 x 150m accel runs building speed with each 50m - last 50m flat out

(using Voltaren for my bad knee atm)

Having a serious attempt to get to and break 60s once and for all at the 400m!
This time i have a much better feel for what i need to do to try and achieve it.
For now though i’ll only be entering the 60m 100m and possibly 200m at the Vic Masters Champs.

what’s your current best time??

Haven’t done a 4 for a while but around 63 so I’ve got serious work to do

Training tonight at Knox Track
Warmup including
8x70m strides
3 sets of high knees and bum kicks

3x15m practice starts
2x EFE 25/25/25
2x FEF 25/25/25
1x300m in around 45

Racing tomorrow at East Burwood Masters
100m Hcp and 200m

East Burwood Masters tonight
Very strong headwind in the straight
100m Hcp - 2nd (SCR) in 13.0
200m 1st in 27.4 (wasn’t really pushed and won easily)

Friday - Rest Day due to being extra tired

Saturday Morning
Upper Body and Abs workout

Saturday Late Afternoon
Usual warmup then
5x300m at around 75% with 60sec rests

Sunday Early Evening
45min Bike Ride (undulating)
Abs Work

Monday Evening - Warmish
General Upper Body Strength work
Usual warmup
3x120m @95% with 12min rests
abs work

Tuesday Evening - Warm
Croydon Masters
90m - 2nd in 11.76
400m - 1st in 63.46 (actually a 2x200m relay but ran the lot myself in lane 7)
2x150 accels (50/50/50) (75%/85%/95%)

Wednesday Evening - Warm
Knox Masters
100m - 1st in 12.73 (strong headwind)
4x200m relay (anchor leg) ran very strongly
Very pleased with tonights efforts

Tomorrow night i’m racing in an 80m and a 400Hcp
at East Burwood

Thursday Evening - Warm
East Burwood Masters
80m - 1st in 10.75 (headwind again)
400mHcp - 6th in 64s (started as backmarker behind runners who
would have beaten me with an even start lol)

Friday Rest

Saturday Morning - Mild to Warm
Warmup including usual sprint drills plus 6 x strides each getting faster
3 x 140m @ 95% with 15min rests
abs work

Saturday Evening - Very Warm
Upper Body Session
Abs Work

Sunday Late Morning - Very Warm
Usual warmup including strides high knees bum kicks
a few accels gradually getting quicker
1 x 179m race (against 1 other running 167m) @ 100% - to emulate tomorrow nights
age-graded 200m Hcp Heat (The Landy Trophy)

Monday Evening - Hot Night 35C
The Landy Trophy
200m Age Graded Hcp 179m - 2nd
1000m Age Graded Hcp 894m - 5th
Consolation Final 400m Age Graded 360m 8th
My main aim for the night was to run well in the 200m which i did.
The age graded system essentially means that anyone under 60yo
has virtually no chance of winning either of the finals

Tuesday Evening - Mild
Croydon Masters
80m - 1st in 10.78 (strong headwind)
120m - 1st in 16.06 (as above)
400m run by myself in 67 to finish off the night

Wednesday Evening - Mild
No Masters at Knox tonight
Upper body and abs workout 50mins

how’s eddie travelling??

Yeah he’s still going along ok!