Still confused about tempo (already searched forever)

OK guys, before i ask about tempo please keep in mind that i have done many searches about tempo…the reason i am still confused is b/c I keep seeing different info and i want to know what is correct! Please work with me here :slight_smile: I am a soccer player whose #1 goal is to improve top speed and acceleration. However, i also want to get in shape for soccer. This is where the tempo question comes in.
I realize that tempo is utilized primarily for recovering from the speed training days, but i have also been told that tempo is used to improve aerobic fitness. I have read some posts that say that tempo should be done at 75% max speed and others that say it should be done between 50%-60%. So…how can i make tempo work best for me if i am doing speed training 2-3 times per week without the tempo overstimulating my CNS? What is the correct speed for tempo if i want to recieve the recovery benefits but want to get in season shape also? A light jog? My one mile pace? My half mile pace? I basicly don’t want to go overboard with a tempo workout and screw up my CNS recovery, but i do want to get in great shape for soccer. Where do i draw the line?
Please please help me out with this question! I have been confused for a while and this would clear a lot of the fog from my head. I consider this website a Godsend and thank you to Charlie, Rupert, and all the others who run Thank you!

Tempo sessions are used for recovery, general fitness, aerobic capacity, etc… The general idea is no more than 75%, or else you are getting too fast for recovery but too slow for speed work. I’d say stick in the 65-75% range. The pace is dependant on the interval you are running. For example, if you are doing a session of 10 x 100m @ 70%, then you would run at a pace of 70% of your best 100m time with 30 sec recovery between reps (just an example).

You can always start to increase the volume of the total session once you start to find you are getting in better shape. If you are doing 2-3 speed session/week, you could be doing 2-3 tempo sessions as well per week (if you are in a GPP Phase) up to 6000-7000m total volume of tempo work. I;m not really familiar with the specific requirements of soccer players, but I would think that this volume would suffice well for your aerobic/endurance needs without overtraining and keeping your CNS fresh for the speed days. Hope that helped and answered your questions.

try CFTS. I think your questions are all answered there.
In general, tempos doesbnt tax the CNS at all

thanks guys for the replies…i actually just bought the 3 pack (CFTS, Speed Trap, Forum Review) and because i currently dont have a computer i opened them on one of the computers in the computer lab at my college. I read it for 3 hours straight and then closed it out b/c i had to go study. I expected to be able to access it from any computer (by simply entering my email and password) so when i went to a different computer (and later the same computer i originally opened it on) i was denied access to it because i was told that “this file has already been downloaded the maximum number of times” Im completely new to E-books and don’t know much about them. Now i dont have my E-books anymore and I dont know how to get them back :frowning: