stick drill

Has anyone ever used the “stick drill” successfully for acceleration work.

If so, how do you set it up?
How do you adjust for indidvidual sprinters?

Also, when trying to increase stride frequency in the sprints, I have some reservations about using the “one size fits all” drill. This is when you put tape on the track at 6-7m marks and have your sprinters run thru and hit in between the marks or on the marks.
How would you use this?
I would also hope that some of the experts don’t find this discussion to remedial and chime in.

No. The stick drill is bad news in my opinion. I did it years ago with no good results. I feel that it makes the athlete think too much about something that should be natural. I found that it also prevents them from staying relaxed. I am sure many others on here will have a similar opinion.

Agree- bad news. There are discussions on this in the archives. It drives the action from the faster acting automatic part of the brain to the slower conscious part.

Plus, no two accelerations (i.e. foot landings) are ever going to be exactly the same.

I never considered what effect it may have on the brain, but thats why your CF.
I definitely agree about the variety of stride length.

By the way. I was with a couple of my returning sprinters over the last two days. Although we will not begin our training until Dec. they are doing some offseason work. I ;had them try this stepping down tech. It was as if they were flying out of control. Even my 9&11 yr old daughters tried it and they flew by. I could def. see the diference in min ground contact and speed. Is it normal houwever for the sprinters to feel a loss of control INITIALLY?

Would having the thought to step over during max velocity sprinting also move it to the slower concious part?