How often should a sprinter be stretching. I was watchin the video on here of Trammell winning the Millrose 60m, and just from his running, you can see the flexibility around the hips and hamstrings. His knees come up high, and he reaches out almost with his feet. This has inspired me to concentrate more on my flexibility. I figure this well help prevent injury, and also improve stride length. I understand Trammell is primarily a hurdler, but I would like to get my flexibility upto an elite sort of level. However, I understand that you can be too flexible, and lose the stretch reflex. How often would you recommen I stretch?

This brings up a point that Charlie made at a seminar last April and touched upon on the old forum. In addition to stretching, another important factor that contributes to flexibility in sprinters is the ability of their muscle fibers to contract and relax in unison. The thing that really distinguishes elite sprinters is the speed with which their muscles relax. As this coordinated relaxation of the muscle fibers improves, so does the ability to move the muscle through a greater range of motion, especially at high speeds.

Therefore, one of the best ways to improve flexibility and mobility is sprinting itself.