How was the presentation???

The 300 is just enough to keep you in touch with it! :slight_smile:

Enjoy your stay there!

it went ok !!! Nothing unexpected: I presented, they commented, more work to look forward to =P

If you say so :slight_smile: (I agree)

So far so good :slight_smile: :slight_smile:
Ταking the (fast) train to Rome in 3 hours!

I managed a long warm up this morning (Thursday, May 12th, for the record)

  • 10min warming up, stretch, static+dynamic
  • 3 x 20m A skips
  • 4 x 20m B skips
  • 4 x 20m running As into stride
  • 4 x 30m scissor kicks into stride
  • 2 x 70m strides
  • 2 x 40m accelerations

EMS tonight for sure.

Lone travelling can sometimes be panicky, but I’m all nested and safe now =)))
Maybe I will go for a butt reduction surgery and then less perverts will notice me.

Friday, May 13th (Rome)
1.5 hr walking (I don’t like the metro)
7hr conference
1 hr walking


  • explosive strength on hamstrings (15" intervals w/30" rests)
  • active recovery on hamstrings
  • relaxing massage on calves
  • strength on glutes

Saturday, May 14th (Rome)
(sore glutes)

  • 1hr walking
  • 4hr conference
  • 1hr walking



  • 25min strength on abs
  • 25min strength on abs (2nd set)
  • relaxing massage on calves
  • active recovery on hamstrings

Can’t waitttt to get home (on Monday), and try to get ready for this May 25th meet I’m registering for. Then May 26th going to Milan again, for May 27th departure to Paris (first time there :slight_smile: ) for the All University Challenge, with my Politecnico team (I only know one person sofar :stuck_out_tongue: )
May 25th will be 400 (and debating whether I should also run the 100 , 20’ prior to the 400
May 27th is the 200 (relay) and possibly the 800!! (50% chance, yikesss)

I would do it, yes! And good luck with that 800, if you run it! :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s not funny ! =S

Sunday, May 15th. Rome-Milan, Milan-Bergamo

lots and lots of extracurricular reading :slight_smile: mmmmm !!! “Change of Heart”; breathtaking book

third (and final day) of no specific training,


  • explosive strength hamstrings
  • active recovery hamstrings
  • relaxing massage calves
  • strength quads

Despite all the travelling in the past 4 days, I think I actually managed to rest.

it feels like putting on flannel pajamas on a snowy night; like turning on your blinker for the exit that you know will take you home !

Monday, May 17th

  • 10min warm up, stretch
  • drills (8 run)
  • 4 x 80m strides


  • 3 x 300m (53,55,53), 1:30rests
  • 2 x 250m (43,43), 1:20 rests
  • 3 x 200m (31,33,32), 1:20 rests
  • 5 x 100m (walk 50m recoveries)
    abs (long break into the gym)
    cool down: 5 x 80m (walk back recoveries)

(total 2900m)

that tempo, are you doing intensive? It looks higher than 75% given your 300m times.

Hey John, maybe the meters are not 300m exact, since I’m doing these as one-lappers at the interior soccer field, which others measure as 320m and others as 280m… or anything in between. I might be in the lower range of meters because I like to cut the corners to save my legs. Anyhow, it doesn’t feel intensive!

Since you are using the in-field (~300 m, yes), here it is a session you can try:

  1. 1 X 2 laps (=~600 m)
  2. 4 X 1 lap (=~1200 m)
  3. 3 X 3/4 lap (=~675 m)
  4. 2 X 1.5 laps (=~900 m)
    10 Runs in total (=~3375 m)

I know intervals are longer (i.e., 225 - 600 m) than what you are used to in most such sessions , but place it and adjust when and as needed (or not at all, lol).

Keep it up!

I like! And I need…

Today was not so good, except for the last rep when my body remembered technique again. I have an issue with running form, still… It’s such a waste of energy when I don’t run correctly, and anything more than 80m makes me feel that way. I hope it’s something I get over soon, as I’m dying to feel good throughout a whole longer sprint!

  • 10min warm up , stretch, drills, blah blah

  • 4 x 80m strides

  • 3 x 80m strides on spikes

  • 200m+(2x80m) , 90" between all reps (it was so windy at the first turn (headwind), and then side wind for the straight, and I timed these on my own, so I’m not really sure how accurate they are, but anyhow, didn’t feel so good/springy throughout at all; low 28 and high 10s for the following rep as well, so I don’t repeat myself… oh boy.
    (20min rest)

  • 200m+(2x80m)
    I wasn’t even tired after these.

cool down: 4x80m strides

Not so happy, but I believe it will come together. I need to add some speed work before SE, I think. At least once/week.

Wednesday, May 18th, 2011

  • Morning 600 MB abs

I’m doing much better with tempo runs than I’m doing with speed/ SE work =S Hopefully things come together

  • 15min run
  • long stretch

(Nick’s tempo minus the last rep, because that last 1.5 lapper was not pleasant :stuck_out_tongue: - but only that. My ear even buzzed).

  • 1 x 2 laps (@1:54), 2’ rest
  • 4 x 1 laps (@56,54,53,52), 1.5’ rests between reps, then 2:20 rest
  • 3 x 3/4 laps (@38, 39, 40), 1:20 rests between reps, then 2:20 rest (things were good up to here!)
  • 1 x 1.5 lap (@1:30), goodness…

total ~ 3375-450= 2925m

cool down:
light jog and

  • 4 x 100m, walk back recoveries

I didn’t say abs in the morning! But it was good enough! :stuck_out_tongue: The rests between sets could have been longer (“now you tell me”, I know, lol!). Good effort, Stef! :slight_smile:

Now you tell me…

Thursday, May 19, 2011

afternoon training: (drizzling)

Bike to the track (30min)

  • 10min warm up, static stretching

  • Drills, the usual

  • 3 x 80m strides on grass

  • 3 x 80m strides in spikes

  • 200+100 (30"rest). Where is the speed??? Low 28", low 13", self timed. I tried to run as relaxed as possible. It worked, but not fast :stuck_out_tongue:

20min rest

  • 3x100 (1.5’rests). All low 13s. I’d like to go faster. Please.

Bike back (30min)

1 hr walk with mom

Friday, May 20th, 2011

half hour easy biking
10min warm up, stretch
drills, the usual
3 x strides

Long circuit, rest (2200m)
100+100 (200m)
100++100++100++100++100 (500m)

(total 2900m)
tempo form felt better than ever. Maybe there’s some kind of tempo competition I can enter in.

Sorry these journals are not so interesting with drama etc, but I’m overwhelmed with life right now !!! Training makes me tired, and phd needs to be doneeeeee (in 6 months).

Saturday, May 21st, 2011

half hour biking
10min warm up, stretch
drills, the usual
3xstrides on grass

2xstrides in spikes

Feeling tired.

  • 300+100 (1.5’r) , @43.7,14.0. Blahhhh. Did not feel good. I need to relax.

I also have a minor injury to the inside of my right angle (since 5 days ago, but nothing major), and since my shin also hurt, I decided not to do another one.

15min biking, flat tire.
1hr walking… Oh boy.

2hrs sleep :stuck_out_tongue:

Sunday, May 22nd, 2011

passive rest (ping pong, but that doesn’t count, I think)

Monday, May 23rd, 2011
afternoon abs and other exercises


10min warm up

100+100+100 (total 2000m)

5min cool down