is it better to start with your strongest leg in front or with the leg that “suits” better?

Absolutely Mr Magoo, I would agree with you. I think comfort is the best way to look at it. I wouldn’t say “normally best” as dcw23 says, since I am the same as mr magoo, thus we are eceptions to that rule. If it even is a rule???

The one that suits better.

Could you please explain “suits better”?

Over on the HSI website, John Smith states, “In the 100 meters, the start of the race sets up the rest of the race. Many put too much emphasis on starting fast, as opposed to starting correctly.

Using this as a guide, I think one can determine that although having your stronger leg in front may help you get “out” faster, whichever allows you a more natural (or “feeling better”) start, is probably the one you should use.


Start with the leg that is on the same side as your lead arm. This is the arm you would jab with if boxing. It has quicker reactions than your punching arm. For most right handers, this is your left arm.

Remember the faster the lead arm goes out, the quicker everything will be set into motion in your start.

If coming from a sport like soccer, your support leg is normally best at the front and your kicking leg best at the back.

“suits better” i mean it feels more comfortable using my weaker leg in front, but if i use i right and stronger leg in front i feel i shoot out faster, however i do not feel good coordination.

which one do you start faster with and feel comfortable with accelerating?

i feel i start faster with my strongest leg (right), but i feel better coordination/accelaration starting with my left leg in front?!???

Hmm interesting thread here. Having just read dcw’s reply on where feet go, I feel i must be an exception to the rule. :frowning:
This is purely because whenever I played soccer or rugby, my dominant foot was my left. However, my front foot is my left foot. I guess one should go with whatever is comfortable…