Starts -- first steps cues?

Coaching HS girls, none terribly good or strong. I would like to focus on a single cue for them for when the gun goes off. Would you recommend that they think about push? or arm drive?

I think focusing on throwing out the lead arm and just pumping will give you best results.

The things I try to think about when starting are to flick the wrist on the front leg side as if trying to catch a butterfly at the start and to get violent with the arms. Not listening for the sound of the gun, but concentrating on the movement of the hand is good. Also CF says its similar to a cat trying to catch a fly. Opposite of sex, quick not hard.

Agreed with pretty much what the above 2 said. I simply just cue, “react” and “quick hand” or “quick arm”.

Hate to beat a dead horse (that’s the correct term isn’t it? :cool: ) but I also have found that using the quick lead arm out and pumping of the arms has proved the most efficient for good starts. To add to the above what everyone has said, I’d go with that.

Get the hell out of there fast.


Can’t do that. I am committed for the season. :smiley:

Just for them to drive their knees high, so that i will give them more at the end an keep them from going side to side wasting lots of energy, an what little speed they have.