Starts - dominant leg forward?

I’ve been looking at threads and articles on starts, most (if not all) focus on block setup or the first few steps yet I have a question on which foot should be forward.

It appears there are differing views with some saying they prefer dominant leg forward for stability and because it has block contact the longest yet others appear to favour dominat leg back to get a good initial push…or have I just read it wrong :rolleyes:

Is there a recomended practice or is it a matter of personal preference?

john 95% of times the dominant leg will be at the rear so the non dominant leg will lead.if you kick a ball with your right then this leg will be behind

we were trained to have our strongest leg in front but i’ve discovoured after some time that I had it reversed. I was starting like this already from the beginning cause this felt the best for me. I use my left leg for longjump, soccer, and also as my rear leg in the block.

I think that it also depends on how you feel about it in the blocks. I tried on training to switch it but it felt too strange.

Thanks :smiley: