starting weight training in season?

Ive just graduated uni this week so im looking to get back on the scene for full time training again. ive managed to do my 2-3 track sessions a week but none of the additional training such as weights, circuits, plyos… as a result my weight numbers have seriously dropped down from last season when i was on a full time training schedule (squat last year 135kg for 2 reps) this year i probably couldnt even make it past 100kg for 1 rep !

so my question is wether it would be worth trying to bump up the weight training intensity, circuit sets and plyos to build up my strength and condition or just maintain the level im at now.

today i run 11.65 0.0 wind my first race of the season and last year i ran 11.32 2.6 tailwind & 11.28 3.2 tailwind same track and same comp but was my second race of the season last year… so it looks as though im in a similar times as last year :s

thoughts and ideas are very much appreciated :slight_smile:

If you are in-season, then just maintain. Keep the weights as a complementary, supportive part of your training. Make any significant changes to your strength program only once you are in an off-season.

thanks pioneer, how about circuits,core work and tempo? can general fitness still be built upon at this stage or is it too late so just maintain?

this was my plan for the rest of the season:

monday: tempo 6pm circuits/core work 8pm

tuesday: track day 6pm weights 8pm

wednesday: tempo 6pm circuits/core work 8pm

thursday: track day 6pm weights 8pm

friday:tempo 6pm circuits/core work 8pm


sunday: 10am track day

I’ve maintained the tues and thurs track sessions and every other week with the sunday session. so i plan on gradually re introducing the tempo weights and circuits/abs. it is the reps volume and intensity which im unsure of how much to build up too?

Probably best to keep up that work you’ve been doing but to make any significant changes might negatively impact the intensification in your target performances-namely your sprints. Some of it depends upon how late in your year you are. If you have many months to go before your main comp., then you could afford to make more changes, if not just keep on with what you’ve been doing and then drop the volume of the general work late in the taper.

If you’ve not been doing any of this work at all, I would imagine, though that a small increase in simple, general fitness work if your year is not almost done, would be fine.

Pioneer, all things considered, if he were running 10.30 then I would say he should maintain and not add a whole lot, but he is running 11.00. I think he would be fine to intensify his weights gradually (only so much as to avoid soreness though). Increasing his tempo and core as the season goes on shouldn’t effect his speed performance a whole lot, and in fact should improve it.

If he’s 4 weeks from his major competition, then he should be still fine to add volume. If he’s 3 weeks away, then he’s probably cutting it too close and should maintain as you suggest. Another factor could be his age. I was 30 when I graduated from University. If he’s older than 25, then of course adding volume should be even more gradual.

Herb, I’d say it just depends, largely, upon how late in the year he is. If he’s almost done, then adding to his overall workload would not likely benefit him but if he has many weeks left then I do believe he’d probably benefit doing from more general fitness work if his current workload is low determined by his standards and the effects of that. I say that as a general comment without knowing what he’s actually doing, how much, etc. but simply based upon the comments.

If he has months to go then I could see intensifying efforts in the weight room.

So much of what should be done is obviously based upon factors we don’t really know also, training age, current and recent volumes.

I think we’re a lot closer to agreeing than not.

hey guys, to give you guys a litttle more info on myself here goes: im 21 years old, training age is 3 years (3 track outdoor seasons and 2 winters) ive maintained the template volumes above for 2 years now but this season as mentioned above ive had to drop it alot. i plan on racing till end of august so i guess that will be when i wish to peak…

i ran 11.63 the other day so it gives an indication on the level im currently at. im hoping to bring this down to hopefully 11.3x by the end of season. i know charlie and others have mentioned before that general fitness plays a big role in sprinters of my level so i im doing what herb and pioneer both have said with regards to gradually increasing the weights and building up my tempo sessions.

my tempo session ive been using is 10x100m 75% rest is jog50m walk 50m.

weights im doing at the mo are 8 6 4 reps.

what do you think?