Starting Progress

So, after a week of extensive mobility and activation heres some vids…

Don’t comment on stride length or other physical stuff because i was sore as hell from the goodmornings i did 2 days ago… VERY SORE(hams and butt)… wamred up for an hour just to get those 2 films… but i think my form is improving…

i still have to work on my right arm, play with the blocks more, and watch my chin… but the core is bent now and i finish 10m in 7 strides exactly instead of 7+30cm.

btw check out my new Adidas TPU tights… with the powerwebs :slight_smile:

Any comments ?


Do you like the powerweb shorts? What are they like?

VERY tight on the ass and hamstring… when u lift the knee, you feel like theres some kind of band tension helping you plant the leg back in the floor harder… keeps you from swaying too much… its good stuff overall… I dropped 0.05 off my 0-10m in todays session while being half dead from the weightwork on monday so they must have done something :slight_smile: its either that or the MP3. lol

I think my form improved … the extra ass compression might have helped- other than all the mobility and activation work ive done this week

how strong are you? back squat? power clean?

back box squat 500lbs, powerclean, today i did 3 reps with 225lbs but i did 280~ for 1 rep i dont really remember. it was a long time ago.

why ?

Looking much better. You’re getting good triple extension on the first few strides and you’re staying fairly low to the ground, though it looks like you could get lower, but that might just be a strength issue. Your arm action doesn’t look too bad either.

The one thing I think I’m seeing is that your right soleus might not be as stiff as your left. Then again, it might just be the video.

no, you are absolutely right ! I do feel like im gonna crash when it’s time for the right leg to strike… thats why I fall (literally) when i try to start with my left leg on the front pad… but… i know what to do… calf iso holds and single leg plyos… im working on it… its been just 1 week of training since you guys told me about my problems :slight_smile:

Thanks Roger much appreciated.

  • Why do I feel like the higher I raise my butt the less optimal my angles are ? I feel like when my butt is low im just ready to go and when its high up i simply feel weaker and less explosive…
    should I just keep it low ?

Agree with your comments in that you need a much more agressive right arm to achieve better extension and work on the head alignment-keep the head in line with the back but not down.

right … aggressive arm movement… i’ll focus on arms and head next week… thanks ! Maybe if I keep my eyeballs aimed forward my head will automatically stay inline with the rest of the spine ? I do have some naturall head forward posture if it matters.

Yeah, more agressive and a fuller ROM of the arms out of the blocks(elbow up)-don’t cut it short.

What you have described regarding head alignment/what you are looking is what I’ve used in the past with athletes. Wherever your back is determines your head position(if kept level) and therefore what you can or should even be able to look at if everything is aligned.

In regards to your right foot, you need to strengthen the calves with the knee bent, that way more of the stress is taken by the soleus and not the gastroc. Basically, seated calf raise ISO holds in the stretch. Also, depth drops into a deep squat or split squat should help.

As for the second question, the stronger you are, the lower you can start without falling on your face. Try some lower starts some time and see how the times compare with higher starts. You may be strong enough to start lower.

sounds like an easy enough thing to do ! thanks

i just wanted to know how strong you are. the stronger (and you are plenty strong) you are the lower your hips can be in the “set” position. having said that … i think your most recent video puts you in a pretty good position to accelerate properly. just my very humble opinion.

Oh, Thanks ! well it’s 11:30am where I live, and im about to go to my SE practice…

I’ll try to film the 150m and post here… i’ll also shoot a 30m so you can have an idea when my body wants to rise…

and of course as always… ill shoot a few 10’s.

Also could it be that im losing some of my stretch reflex by wearing Monsterflys ? theres this massive shock absorbent thing on the heel… so instead of getting a stretch i hit the shock resistor…

If its really critical I can get new ones… what do u think ?

More vids…

heres what happened to me many times before at the start… the blocks just slipped back even though i secured them… i dont know if it means anything about my stretch but its still funny

this is a back angle start… this time i concetrated on violent arm movement so i wasnt paying much attention to the forward lean and stride length… i will next time

This is a front angle start… again, tried to focus on arms and ended up doing the 10m in 8 strides instead of 7 which is lame…

I felt good but then after looking at the vids i had a shit workout…

Honestly do I look like I run 7.5 60m ?yea yea theres more to the race but according to my vids alone do i look that slow ?

Look at the video from behind.

I think you should have stayed with the start recommended to you instead of going lower. From that video, you can easily see that your left foot cannot make it under your COM in time and it causes you to skate a wide, nearly stepping on the lane with your first stride. While you are certainly strong, I think you need to get used to accelerating properly before worrying about lowering your COM out of the start.

So basically just take the rear pad 1 notch further, lift the butt more and go for a long push and complete triple extension ? even though it will make my first step slower ?

Pad angles need to be down, not up. Hands directly under the shoulders, butt up.

How do you know it makes your first step slower? Do you know the effects it has on the rest of the race?

Also, your first step might be fast because it is so short and almost on the line and not getting under you like it should be.

I guess I don’t know :slight_smile:
Is my first step better in the previous video with the slo mo side angle ?

I actually did what charlie said, the front pad was all the way down and the rear 1 notch higher…i’ll need to try it with both of them down