Start Clinic 1

Hi all would like to kick start the video analysis forums on this site offering increased education feeback for all athletes and coaches

will post a variety of vids and athletes in coming weeks. some mine and some not mine

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I’d say don’t have shoulders behind the hands in the set position.

I agree with shoulders above line.
I also prefer a flat back on “on your marks” position -up to the person.
Front block behind hips!
Consider lowering the pads, if too high…
Hope it helps!

photo of reverse angle in set position…

hey nanny,
me personally hav a few issues, however if she is fast and winning then who cares.

-she moving backwards on blocks before forwards
-i think her feet to to clsoe togther
-i think she is to far from the line
-looks like all her force is verticle and not enough horizontal

other than that looks good :slight_smile:

time 12.00et 24.41et

spacings front foot 2 steps and 1 notch,
back foot 3 steps and 2 notches back.

used to have a problem with leaning to far forward hence to much weight on the hands causing the lead hand to move back before forwards, moved her back to shoulders right above the line but looking at this has crept back further over time.

have you tried so far anything of what I’ve suggested in previous post? I posted them, because they are things that have helped me. It might be the case with your girl, too!
Let us know!

will be doing so on tuesday and repost adjusted footage.

her foot pedals are front foot on the bottom and the back foot is 1 click up.

at each start you will notice she drops her hips fractionally prior to the lead arm leaving the track.

hi guys heres the link to the next video.

there is also a front view of her start on the page.

changes made were shoulders above the hands this has brought the front foot to be just behind the hip and you will notice the lead hand clears out alot faster than previously.

still has some movement in her back when starting lack of sufficient core strength perhaps.

her feedback was “that the lead hand feels much faster and overall the start seems to take less effort”.
any thoughts.

Perhaps medball throws, similar to that in CF’s videos, will improve horizontal strength during block clearance. Do you have a way to measure reaction/release time from the back pad?

Everything is looking very forced.

Is this sub-max?


yeah guess you could say it is sub max.we have 60m et testing inc 10m splits in 10 days ad will video the starts again to compare with
her strength levels are up her vertical jumps testing numbers are up also on same period last year. (will post them ASAP)


Perhaps medball throws, similar to that in CF’s videos, will improve horizontal strength during block clearance. Do you have a way to measure reaction/release time from the back pad?

we been working all through the gpp on the throws also can measure just about everything but dont have the block attachment as yet for my testing gear to measure this.

Jumps analysis
after each past 2 seasons GPP.

July 2005 - 61.2 kg (july 2006 - 62.4kg)
weighed and tested in joggers

jump height - 35.2cm (37.9cm), flight time 0.536sec (0.556sec), total watts 766 (846), Power to weight 12.48 (13.56)

nanny great to see you posting your footage.listen to what the guys are saying concerning angles/positions etc.

personally i would use the basics to help set try to have 90’ angle in front and approx 135’ in rear leg–shoulders in line,back in natural alignment with head.i would lower your set position also as i think you are too high resulting in you “popping up” from the blocks as you are doing right now.

on exiting the blocks don’t pop up,push from the blocks and power by using your arms.don’t forget to relax but use the blocks.if you slow down your clip you can clearly see that your departure angle is far to great resulting in popping up/losing power straight away and transition problems.stay down and push off that front block.

post again after 1week and let us see you departing @ a less open angle,using the blocks and your runs over 20 and run through the entire 20

In terms of what she is supposed to be doing she is executing quite well (e.g. she is following instructions). Perhaps it is just a matter of spending a few weeks continuing to do this and when she stops thinking it may become a lot better? It is hard to tell.

In terms of changes, well you could try a slightly lower set position as stated above. And also lower the head on set (a la Gatlin). In this case eyes looking just behind the line on “marks” and then back at front foot on set. The head actually stays still it is just the raising of the hips that initiates the change in eye position (according to Trevor).

I have found that doing this for some athletes seems to work well perhaps because the weight of the head keeps the angle lower? However, changing everything every session (unless it is the very first few block sessions) may cause more problems than it solves.

latest start video just posted.

Did you end up getting the Fundametals 1 DVD?