Standing starts?

I was at a Masters event last summer where the 100m winner actually used a standing start. Maybe he had a peculiar injury, or maybe he has restricted access to blocks and wasn’t comfortable with them. Regardless, it started me wondering how many tenths of a second a typical 100m guy would give up doing a standing start versus blocks?

Is that even legal?

Maybe in the more relaxed atmosphere of typical Masters events it is-open events I don’t know.

what is/are the differances between your standing and 3 point or block start 60 meter times?
I think Ben Johnson did a hand timed / standing start 9.14 sec 100 meters.

My 0-30 and 0-60 times are virtually identical with blocks or a standing start. I’ve never timed a 3-point so I don’t know. Are you sure Ben or anybody else is that much quicker with a standing start? I’m guessing blockks would shave 2 tenths off your start on average, yes?

I don’t think he meant to imply that standing starts are quicker than block or 3-point starts.
That time for Ben Johnson where probably recorded right before Seoul, and Charlie always added .65 to a manual time.