Standing Starts vs. 3point/Blocks.

I think this has been mentioned before but I cannot find the thread. Anyhow… I know I am not the only once who has experienced this but today my standing starts were significantly faster than my 3 point starts and block starts. This is not the first time this has happened either. I also noticed it of one of my athletes today.
Today when doing my 30’s i ran 3.96, 3.84.
I then went from standing and ran 3.66 and 3.74.
All were handtimed by the same person.
I know my blocks suck and I know Im not great out of a 3 point but why do standing seem to be much faster. Few things I can think of are…

-your foot is closer to the line so your body is actually over the line making it a shorter distance

-Since you are starting upright you are hitting top speed early or prematurely which allows you to achieve a faster 30m time but because of poor race distribution a longer sprint such as 100 would suck

Do you time your standing starts at first foot contact past the line?

I do a “long jumper standing start”: the whole, lean back, front foot on its heel, then rock into it. I start the timer when the back foot leaves the ground and I get pretty much same times as my 3 point start, hand-timed or frame method timed.

Just curious, how do your block starts compare with your 3point starts?

All were timed the same on first movement.

My 3 point and block starts are about the same with my 3 point occasionally being a little better than my shitty block starts.

I think 3 point and block start allow for a better reaction to the gun.

Standing start is equally as fast if not faster, but I’d suggest you’ll lose time when you have to react.

For clarification I am referrign to all starts on your own movement.

I know this is an old thread, but I have this exact problem. I do all my timing with a video editing program, so there’s no error, and my results are the same as Quik’s, however, my runs are done out to 50M.

I can run 50M in 6.32 seconds from a standing start but can only hit 6.52 seconds from a 3-point stance. My 4-point stance is even worse (without blocks) and is in the 6.6s.

I do most of my running from 2 point, and don’t really practice low starts, so that could be part of the problem. I also think it might be a strength issue. I full squat around 2x BW, but I feel weak during low starts.

Does anyone else have any experience with this?

I still have this problem. I feel like I have no power and awkward coming out of the blocks first 2 steps (especially first) but feel 100000x better if I am able to step into my acceleration. I am starting to think it is an issue of starting strength from THAT specific position. Not sure how the fix that issue aside from maybe the sled or isorobic. Thoughts?

Sounds like your not getting good block clearance. Reverse leg press can be beneficial, and other hip ext movements.

I agree about the block clearance but I think I have the general strength to get clearance. 450 Deadlift at 158. I don’t think it comes down to general strength but perhaps specific “starting strength” from that specific position. Thoughts?

It’s the exact same for me. With a rolling start, eveything feels great, but as soon as I have to crouch start, things go to hell.

Also Quik, how is your standing vertical and your standing long jump? When my vert and SLJ were higher, I was much better out of a crouch, but now that my strength levels are down that has changed. Based on my own numbers, I would think it’s an explosive strength issue.

If you have the strength though, I would think hill sprints or isorobic sprints would definately help.

Sharmer, are there any indicators you’d be looking for in this case, general or otherwise?

Exactly. It would be like coming out the blocks standing right up an beating everybody for the begining, then having everybody blow past you.

It’s weird you’d say that, because I was thinking the same thing. However, my standing starts are faster (more than .2 seconds) than my crouch starts all the way out to 50M (as long as my facilities allow).

Is it possible that standing is just a better way to start when reaction times are not involved?


What about some “static overcome by dynamic” training? ( I think you know what I mean) :wink:

Things like stop squats, jump squats, split squats, etc. What about thinking up a special assistance exercise to simulate coming out of the blocks?..

Of course, you can choose to take all my advice and flush it, since I don’t train track athletes, but I figured it was worth a shot!

Hope all is well…

devils, that is a good suggestion. Staggered box jump without countermovement come to mind as a good movement.

What about thinking up a special assistance exercise to simulate coming out of the blocks?..

Yes. This is what I have been thinking about. I need to be in the exact block position though with some type of device pushing against both shoulders for resistance. But the thing is that when I have some type of resistance pulling me or pushing me back into the blocks (like someone standing in front of me with their knee on my shoulder or someone pulling me from behind) I “feel the power” but as soon as that resistance is gone my feeling of “feeling the poser seems to change”.

There is a sled now that is designed to go over the blocks so you can use it for starts and such.

Where can this device be found?

Interesting. I wonder what the chances are of the sled hitting the blocks if you don’t come out perfectly straight. I may have to pick this up. This may be the solution to my problem. I also wonder if using a harness is more benefical than the waist belt. Thoughts.

Most people I know prefer a waist belt to the harness quite a bit (I haven’t been fortunate enough to use the device). I’m think Mike Boyle has written a small article explaining why he likes the belt versus harness.