standing long jump

I usually ask question about football and not track so I didn’t know where to put this. anyway here’s my question

The other day gym class we were tested on our standing long jump. I had the best jump. It was 10’ 2". The gym teacher happens to be the girl track coach and he told the boy’s track coach about me. now the boys track coach wants me to be on the track team, either long jumping or high jumping.
My question is does the Standing long jump have any correlation to performance in the longjump or highjump.

It could have a correlation to a jumping performance or acceleration ability such as sprints out as far as 30m.

If you did the SLJ correctly with no counter movement 10’2 is greatttttt!
My SLJ during testing this year was 9’3 which was second on my college team. Im not so sure it can directly have a correlation to the LJ or HJ. It would depend on many other factors including you 30m time, as well as your vertical jump, and of course technique. Have you tested your vertical or 30?
Just for reference… My slj was 9’3 my 30m from first motion was 3.7 and my vertical was 32". It estimated my LJ to be just over 7 meters (23’) which is about correct.

From personal experience, you can really improve your standing broad jump by just adding it to your plyo workouts. At the beginning of sophomore year, my long jump was a pitiful 7’8". After adding it to my plyo workouts, I am now a junior and it is 9’2" (best in school is 9’7").

Now I am not saying that the improvement was soley because I did them more, but it definitlely helps.

i dont know my 30m time but my vertical is 37"

Standing vertical with no counter movement tested with a vertec? If so you got some real good hops man.

yeah it was done with a vertec

How has your speed improved?

I did a 2.55 meter standing long jump. It’s probably one of the best if not the best in my grade, i know one of my friends can do the same length. Yet for some reason I can’t do long jump for shit. I’m pretty much the fastest runner in my school and have one of the best standing long jumps but I’ve never gotten over 4 meters in long jump :o .

For all you non-metrics out there 255cm is 8.5 feet.

hey thats my best to 2.55m in SLJ. Don’t know about now cause it was a month back that i did and i feel i improved abit since then. my 30m is 4.15 and i found out that if i times it by 3 its 12.45 which is exactly what i got on the 100m i ran these two distances last weekend heheheh interesting i hope to get sub4 and run 3 hopefully.

a certain number of people also seem to jump much better off of two legs vs. one. I’m about equal both ways. My roommate on the other hand, can dunk off two legs and barely touch the rim off of one. Granted, he is a 7.30m+ long jumper so maybe it doesn’t matter all that much.

Best way for you to find out is to go give it a try. You obviously have some power in your legs. If you can use it down the runway and on the board you might be well on your way to a 7m+ long jump.

For me: SLJ: 3.01m ~10 ft.
LJ: 7.13m ~23’4"
HJ: 1.95m ~ 6’5"
60m dash: 7.06

I think the standing long jump might give some indication of power potential, but not so much reactivity. Take for example Oly lifters, they test great in the SLJ and vertical leap because they train for strength speed and just have good relative strength. I think a better indicator of LJ ability would be a reactive jump test. Step off of a box lowe than your CMJ and rebound. Increase the box height until you peak. If your best reactiv jump is at or above your CMJ then Id guess you have a ton of LJ potential as far as the jumping part goes. The flip side to this is that you need to be fast to jump far. So if you are reactive AND fast…HUGE jumps await you.

How about a standing triple jump test. More correlation to sprint speed?

I’ve just done some standing triple jump today. standing, 3 strides and 5 strides. So I decided to answer this 2 year old question!!!
I believe triple jump is the ultimate plyometrics workout. The best.
My standing triple jump is 9.60m. I’m consistant with 9.50s but can’t break that 9.60 in some time now.
My 3 stride triple jump is 12.00m with shoes ( no jump spikes. ) although I’ll try it with spikes soon.
My 5 stride triple jump is 12.75m with jump spikes. I only did that exersice once in my life. So may be I have better. We’ll see as I started training today Already.

My SLJ is 2.64m but withou move arms, just exploding from legs.
My SLJ single leg is 2.06m without arms too.

I believe you have read scarface’s plyometrics thread :wink: Good to see you adding it more in your training :cool:

i have:
SLJ: 3,23m
30m: 3"72
60m: 6"90

ok,i have played volleyball for long time,so i’m quite practice in jumping…but as you can see the correlation aren’t true at all for me .


I haven’t read scarface’s training journal. But I’ll be reading it. Is it close to what I’m doing?

my (all in running shoes)
sLJ = 3.12 meters (10’4")
sTJ = 9.50 meters pretty bad i know
(especially for a jumper)

ive noticed that as my hang clean keeps getting heavier my sLJ goes farther too…

I think cleans help tremendously with jumping. What i notice after implementing power cleans into my training was that i get more balance as i do single leg boundings and they felt smooth and natural.