squating woes

well i have this problem, my right hip hurts when i squat deep.

That is i hurt a bit to the outside, and the pain is searing, like someone cuting your skin not dull like a muscle pain (well i dunno, you get the picture)

also, it doesnt hurt when i use my hip flexors, say to raise my knee, only when squating, at or bellow parallel.

thing is, im worried, that this is my tendons being week and getting overloaded obviously i dont want a torn fascia latea or something:p


Take your time to load up and give time to all apart from muscles to catch up (e.g., tendons, and ligaments).

If you are careful and patient with loading and the problem is still there, have someone had a look at it perhaps…

Hope it helps!

maybe get an x-ray and measurement of the pelis. Look for pelvic tilt or something growing where it shouldnt.then see a specialist, better to be safe than sorry.

You might have a tight hip capsule. How is your femoral internal/external rotation?

Look for pelvic tilt or something growing where it shouldnt.

how would a pelvic tilt affect me? And if there is a pelvic tilt then what? What can i do to make it better? actually im full of postural problems:p

You might have a tight hip capsule. How is your femoral internal/external rotation?

english is not my native, what kind of movement would indicate that kind of tightens? Im prety flexible, to the point that my joints are kind of loose actually, except for my left hip which is kind of tight but that doesnt hurt:p

I guess for you the easy way would be to lie on your stomach with your knees bent at 90degrees. Keep your hips flat on the floor. Then let your feet fall in and see how far they fall (should be within a few inches of the floor). Next, do the opposite. Let your feet fall out (femoral int. rotation). This is where most people are tight. If your legs do not rotate out much, then you probably have some tight rotators. More specifically, you can someone check how much femoral rotation you have while you are lying on your back with both you knees and hips flexed at 90degrees.

May be worth getting checked out. There is a condition (the name of which I can’t remember) which affects the abdominals and adductors and can be very serious. It is seen a lot in Aussie Rules football apparantly. The reason I know is because a top UK junior hurdler developed it and told me it could have ended his career if he had not caught it early. Don’t want to scare you but you never can tell about these things. I’ll try and find out what it was called.




dont worry you didnt scare me…nah im lying im scared shitless, but what you gonna do:p

if you find any more info please share it

ausbery park:

when i let my legs drop inside my ankle touch the floor, when i let them fall outside yeah im tight, what do i do for that?

damn, im prety fucked all over, my lower back hurts too now, missed two weeks of weights and speed work…I sould go to a doc and a physio or something but i already know what they are going to say “are you going for a medal or something? No, so stop track and weights”. Well that aint happening so whatever breaks first…

I once tested young rugby union players to see if they had pelvic tilt, anterior, and posterior. They all had one or the other. A few of them reported problems with hamstrings, some with lower back injuries, some with hip flexor injuries. I also tested isolated strength of the hamstrings and quads, concentric contraction. I gave them stretching and strength exercises for the appropriate muscle groups and it helped a lot. One fo the guys was 18years of age and had to wear an SI belt to keep everything in place. Once you find the exact problem, it is a lot easier to fix. Go see a specialist, maybe a sport therapist.

The condition you’re refering to is Osteitis Pubis, which is an inflamation of the pubis symphasis. Do a google on it.

The good thing is, is that the pain generally manifests itself lower down in the groin and in the abs (It often has some relationship with hernias), which is a reasonable distance from where ur circle was.

Have you tried a different stance? I think the real problem is that you’re probably really tight and need to do some stretching.

what is the remedy for pelvic tilt? my stance is lordodic generaly, due to years of obesety so…

i found out what my pain is, i went to an orthopaedic and he told me its because i was very sendetery the rapid hypertrphy of my hip extensors puts pressure on a local nerve there strangling it, thus the sharp pain. He said to be patient, and not put too much pressure to avoid neuronitis? or what its called:p

I have had the same sort of pain in the exact same place for almost 3 months now. It only happens when I deep squat. Does anyone have more input/experiences on this?

I don’t know your squat width is but you might want to experiment a bit with this to see if you can find an ideal stance to squat from.

I’ve tried a wider stance but it still hurts. I stopped squating completely for a while and it seemed to get better. However, when I tried squating again just with the bar it started hurting again 2-3 reps in. At first I thought it was a psoas muscle pull, but now I don’t know. I do not think its anything at the hip joint level (eg. osteitis pubis), but its been quite awhile to be just a pull.

Along with stance width might be foot position. If you have not already, you could try it with feet completely straight forward(this actually helped me to keep from aggravating a groin pull) or feet angled out to varying degrees.

One thing that has helped the same for me(doubtful if this relates at all to your issue though) is that mixed in with my dynamic warm-up exercises(about 8-9 minutes warm-up) I now include some hip flexor(static) stretches in the routine and that has helped quite a bit. I had lost much hip flexor flex. over time which had changed my squatting tech for the worse.

I actually started doing more dynamic stretching and static hip flexor stretching when it started hurting, but it really does not help that much. If anything I think that excessive static stretching irritates the area and it becomes more sensitive, so to speak.

Have you tried digging a finger or thumb in there to try to get it to loosen up? Does it hurt to apply pressure on it? I have a similar issue (I think) that I resolve by self myofascial release using my thumb.

It only hurts on applied pressure after some sort of stress has been put on it, or if I sleep on my right side (its my right leg), since my bed is a bit old and firm. But its very light pain, kind of like a slightly sore muscle. The pain is only extreme when I am deep in the hole squating.

What about foot angle? Feet pointed forward vs. feet angled out.