squating during season

what are your thoughts on squating in season i know alot of people don’t do it because it gets them too tight and/ or is too hard on the legs inseason. If you don’t squat during the season what do you do instead. I heard leg press gets the same effect but doesn’t tighten you up as much

I would squat during season, I do leg press but they are not the greatest exercise.

You could try step ups, lunges and jump squats.

Maybe could also try to change how deep you go.

The intensity level and strength improvement is reduced during the season.

Good point DMA
As Charlie has taught us, I like to keep all aspects in the training program. During competition, (not to get into a whole training protocol), but we do go maximal as well as do more explosive movements such as jump squats and squat explosions. There are variations to most exercises, so there is not a reason to drop them from your program.

True Dlive.

You can’t remove those aspects. But the gains are not likely to be as great.

I try and minimise the work and exercises I do during competition, so in the weights room I tend to olympic lift and squat.

If I do variations and other exercises for a bodypart it is done earlier in the training year.

I agree DMA.
You do most for maintenance and look for gains on the track. I also minimize the time in the strength room, and when I do perform variations on lifts, it is to keep things from getting stale.