squat stance

Hi there, I’m not spelbreker rex, but a friend of his posting under his name. I was wondering what kind of stance all you sprinters use for your squats? Is it toes straight out, 45 degrees or somewhere in between? Also, do you squat with close stance or a wide stance (wider than shoulderwith)? Hope I get some replies, just curious.

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shoulder width apart,feet open slightly

For myself, I use a little wider than shoulder width and feet pointed out slightly. If I do squats at shoulder width and toes pointing straight, it really kills my left hip flexor. It’s been like that all my life so that’s why I do squats the way I do.

What are the benefits of squatting with feet parallel as oppose to pointing out slightly? I can feel it more in the VMO and also Louis Simmons says it recruits the hamstrings better. Also requires more flexibility? Can’t lift as much weight with feet parallel though.