SprintSpeed's Diet, All critiques are welcomed and needed..

I am trying to really get my diet down, so I have been readying on regenerationlab.com quite a bit, as well as my John Berardi ebook. I am 16 years old and weigh 157 pounds.

I have switched over to all organic vegetables, filtered water, and will be purchasing low carb grow and a usana multivitamin in addition to glutamine (already have it). A lot of the recipes that I will be eating are from John Berardi’s ebook and some ideas from Clemson’s site. My mom is really supportive with this stuff, so she will be helping me by cooking for me in the mornings, and of course, buying the organic vegetables every week.

I will start with what a daily diet would look like, and then end it with some variations of snacks and breakfast meals that I could have. Alright…

1 Cup Oatmeal with rasberries and other fruit on top
Vegetable Omelet
2 glasses water
Usana Multivitamin

Homemade Berardi protein oatbar

PBJ on Whole Wheat
Roast Beef on Whole Wheat
Carrots/Broccoli/Cauliflower with ranch dressing
1 Serving Peanuts
1 Apple
2 glasses water

Tuna mixed with assortment of vegetables
2 glasses water

6:00 (post workout)
-Low carb grow mixed with gatorade

Whatever we have for dinner, most of the time it is meat, vegetables, and rice

-Cottage Cheese topped with low carb grow

10:15pm (right before bed)-
10g of glutamine in water

Other Breakfast options-
A)Oatmeal, Small Vegetable Omelet, Fruit Assortment, 2 glasses water
B)Yogurt Parfait, 2 glasses water
C)Cottage Cheese topped wit Pineapple, Muffin, 2 glasses water
D)Whole Wheat Pancakes with scoop protein powder, fruit assortment, 2 glasses water
E)Omelet with meat/vegetables, Fruit Assortment, 2 glasses water
F)Oatmeal with 2 scoops protein powder topped with raisins, 2 glasses water
G)Bran Porridge (JB recipe), Fruit Assortment, 2 glasses water
H)Oatmeal Apple Pie (JB recipe), Fruit Assortment, 2 glasses water
I)Muesli (JB recipe), Fruit Assortment, 2 glasses water

Other Snack Options-
A) Fresh Rasberries
B) Other organic fruit/vegetables
C) Cottage Cheese
D) Assortment of Nuts
E) JB’s oatbar recipe
F) JB’s protein muffins and other recipes

Whew, sorry for the long post. ALL opinions are welcomed, please change anything that you think is necessary. A big problem I have is my post workout meal and dinner being so close together, or would this workout? Ideas?

will this help lose fat?

It all looks real good. I guess if you have some specific questions, that would help. It’s great to have support, so use the hell out of it. You need to lean out at 157 pounds? What’s your body-fat % and what’s your training like?

I don’t know my body fat percentage, it is most likely around 10%, since I am 5’10 and 157. I don’t really need to get “leaner”, just appear stronger.

I am looking for the look of the “after” picture here from Clemson’s article “boy to beast” (as I guess you can say I look more like the before picture now)

I get home from school at 4:00pm and will eat dinner around 6:30 or 7:00, and have to fit a workout in between those times. Should I just drink my post workout drink with dinner or what?

Any opinions are appreciated.

post workout drink; protein/carb; like cytofuse; right after workout. it goes down easy and feels pretty light; 24g protein/ 60g carbs; goes right to the source and doesnt affect your apetite much if you are hungry so you can eat dinner right away pretty much.

Would this be more effective than low carb grow with gatorade? I am on a budget so I cannot afford everything…

Worrying about your PWO “issue” is minutia. Don’t worry about it. No need to analyze, just keep at your program and diet, and believe in what you are doing. The results will come. The only thing I can see missing is fat intake. Almonds, fish oils, flax, walnuts, olive oil, etc … are great sources. Just add them into any meal, except pre and post workout meals. Night time is fine. Don’t worry about having 33/33/33 ratios or anything. Just don’t endulge in only one fat source.

Would this be more effective than low carb grow with gatorade? I am on a budget so I cannot afford everything…

Hardly. Don’t worry about it.

thanks for the input, I will add some healthy fats to many of my meals

What is everyones opinion on selection of protein powder. I can get 32 servings of low carb grow for 23 dollars, or 80 servings of a whey blend from allthewhey.com for 23 dollars.

I always see clemson talking about GROW on rlab.com, but would I really be able to tell a difference between the two?

Honestly, I think people make too big a deal about the differences between expensive and inexpensive protein powders. If you’re looking for whey, you really are probably better off just buying something relatively inexpensive (I swear by Dymatize, great price and amazing taste, much better than ON’s).

Usually the people who tell you otherwise are the people trying to sell you the expensive stuff.

Thanks for the input.

On another note, do you feel that it would be more beneficial for me to get Carlson’s Fish Oil or a multivitamin, or both? I was thinking about sears lab, but its just too much money!

Sprintspeed pretty impressive for a 16 year old to be this on top of his diet. you will see the resluts.

I do agree with joesdad on the recovery drink. The Cytofuse would be a lot better for you than the Grow for imediate recovery. Grow is still a great protien and I recomend you take it over the other stuff, just at diferent times of the day. If you like Clemson and his ideas you should get the Cytofuse…first off becuase i know it works…second he helped to invent it.

Have you even tried the Cytofuse? How would you know that it is not worth it? The Cytofuse is about 25 bucks for a 4-5 weeks.
The Grow is a different type of protein so it breaks down slower. The Cytofuse is made purely for recovery. It is obsorved much faster.

this is kind of a what would be the ideal balanced against what is affordable…
if you cant afford cytofuse or any pwo drink, a good meal with the right comb. of protein and carbs will be adequate.
most dont eat as well nutritionaly as you break it down.

In regards to protein and expense, a powder will be more affordable per gram than tuna or chicken. So when budgeting your meals you should calculate the expenses of your calories and macronutrients into your grocery bill. Look at the cost per serving of most PWO formulas and how many carbs and protein grams you get no whole food can beat it…but micronutrients are another thing.


Regenerationlab.com will be destroyed in time so print out the posts you like. The content will be exported into a softcover book after it becomes filtered.

That is a shame about the site shutting down, I will definitley save all the articles or buy that book.

Anyways, I am on somewhat of a budget, so I don’t know if I can afford grow, cytofuse, fish oil, and a multivitamin all in one month.

So does everyone believe that I will not notice a difference between low carb grow and allthewhey’s protein blends? I am looking at 4 times the amount of servings for the same price.

Also, opinion’s on Carlson’s fish oil?

EDIT: I spent about 30 minutes gathering all of the articles from regenerationlab.com into one Word file. It is 253 pages, and I could send it to whoever wants it, as long as clemson doesn’t care.

That is an impressive diet, if you can stick to it! My only concern is that you may be paying too much for protein powder. But that is a personal choice and if you choose to spend the money that way then that is your choice. Plus it is probably better to spend it on protein than on chocolate/soda!

Having said this Clemson is right - in some cases protein powder is cheaper per gram of protein than other sources. But watch what else goes into the mix - Aspartame etc.

Remember affiliate programs (advertising by providing money in return for links/endorsement via the web) and articles sponsored by these programs are designed to increase the percieved added value of the products featured in the material so the manufacturers can increase thier product margins and position thier product in the market.

As some manufacturers have found out the best way of doing this is to associate thier product with good articles and reputable authorities. Often when you recieve a brief to write for these publications there are specific guidlines on how often a product should be mentioned and “brand guidelines” that should be followed when choosing metaphors etc to describe the product or its effects. Do you now notice any words associated with certain manufacturers?

There is no way of telling if there is anything “special” about the product that makes it essential to the article/program. In most cases probably not. At 16 you need to be aware that you are being manipulated by advertising so you can make informed decisions.

Keep us informed of your progress! I wish I was as dedicated to my diet as you are.

indeed if clemson is ok please do send me the articles:)

thanx mate

I need your email…

Ditto this would be very helpful