sprints in the winter?

i live in canada and the winters here can get pretty nasty… seeing has how i don’t have access to an indoor track, i was thinking i could shovel myself a “sprint area” and do sprints there… my only concern with this is that during the rest between sets, wouldn’t my muscles get really cold and increase my chance for injury??

u dont have hallways in your school or even a gymnasium for short sprints?

i lived in canada too…what province?

You can do it outside if you dress for it. You might want a little extra cushioning in your shoe as well. I find that adds some protection against the cold as well as stiffer surfaces. I also would look for indoor options – hallways in schools or even some businesses (I’ve used halls where I work on occasion) can be an option. You are right about the rest intervals. I shorten mine when working outside somewhat or do fast walking or slow jogging to keep warm between reps. Of course, my preference is to get indoors.

What about finding an area for hills? That would be safer if the footing is secure- needs to be secure on the flat as well, of course.

i seems to me tht hills would be harder to sprint on as i would have less traction running on the incline… so is sprinting in winter actually dangerous, couodn’t ijust wear a coup[le layers on pants or something?

If the hill is without snow or ice, you should be OK with that. When conditions are snowy or icy, I shovel some track for a warmup and then wear spikes with some extra cushioning inside as mentioned earlier. Just be sure to keep warm between reps – keep moving. You might want to keep the sprint distance short. There’s less to shovel and you can take shorter recovery. When conditions allow, go to longer sprints. No matter what, inclement weather poses tough challenges.

Spikes on ice or frozen ground or boots/flats in deep snow- (short and very tough!) If too deep, do running As.

what would be the best way to"keep warm" between sets, without fatiguing my legs?

Regarding “keeping warm” i usually go inside during long rests (there is a nice clear road by the gym). Even if it just the entry way, i helps a lot.

Jogging should not significantly fatigue you nor should light callisthenics, but going inside is the best way, if you can.

Would sprinting in flats (for hills) on deep snow be beneficial for speed? Hard yes and probably great for conditioning, but how are we to increase speed this way?

It becomes strength endurance, which would occur in to a slightly lesser degree in an indoor program if it was available. Sprints on ice in spikes is possible but can never equal indoor possibilities, making it necessary to change the emphasis to suit the circumstances.

Try to find an ice rink with one of those walkways around the top. It’s like an indoor track plus you get to watch hockey during your rest periods.