Sprinting Shoes

Hey im a 55-100-200m sprinter trying to find a good pair of shoes for those events. I am kind of a power runner because im bigger than the other runners in most cases. 5"11 gonna weigh 185ish start of season but be down to 175 by championship meets(trainer’s method)

Which spikes would be best? I used to run with Nike Monster Fly but those are 2 years old now so im making a change

Looking at:
-Maxcat II
-Rival S IV

Suggestion with detail/explanation would be great. Thank you.

I got the powercats II, ther pretttyy good, and Iève heard the maxcats are good too.

anyone else.?

maxcat or powercat are generally better than the cheaper rival though marcus brunson used to wear rival for indoor domination. i would imagine that the powercats would be the most similar to the monster fly.

NIKE ONLY buy it