sprinting after slap repair - how long???

I’ve had slap surgery (almost 12 weeks post-op), and i’m wondering at how many weeks would I be ready to:
a) jog
b) run 800’s
c) sprint unhindered
…without risking tearing the suture out of the bone? The trouble is the backward arm motion because that motion lengthens the repair and could tear it out (where as the forwardarm motion will actually shorten the repair and cause less strain on the suture). I’m thinking it may need to be ~10 months ( 40wks+) for 800’s, and perhaps a year for full-out sprinting? I have this view because I pretty sure no matter how strong I can make my shoulder, the muscular strength won’t be able to hide the repair as it might be able to do in other movements/exercises. I think the backwards motion will penetrate straight to the anchor, and if its not 100% set, it could spell bad news. My problem is that Nat’s are 37wks post-op, not to mention preceding meets, and the training i’d have to do at race pace or faster even for the 800m.

Am I correct in thinking that i’ll have to skip the season, or am I able to run faster - sooner then I’ve implied?