Sprinters, Long Jumpers and High Jumpers

I want all of you to come together for 7 hadcore/or just the best exercises for gym and outdoors,

Maximum time crunching/speed in sprinting
Huge High Jump or Standing Vertical
And a loooong jump

I was told:

You can put a bw exercise with a non bw exercise,


  1. Wieghted vest frog hops (measure horizontal leap distance, and with wieght continue to hit the mark)
    2, wieghted vertical squat throws
    3, 1 or 2 leg bounds in sand (3-3-3-3-3,etc…)
    4, timed 1 mile run
    5, Sands Sprints
    6, Ladder Drills
    7, Stair sprints


  1. Dls
  2. Squats
  3. C & J’s
  4. lower back strenghten exercises
  5. Lower ab work
  6. One leg-leg press
  7. Glute ham raise bw or reverse hypers

Work together now, were all athletes in here.

i’ll leave it to someone else to disect everything thats wrong with that. but the best and primary outdoor exercise for sprinters long jumpers and high jumpers(triple jumpers as well) is sprinting, the second best probably working on the event. suprise suprise.

[sarcasm]Those timed one mile runs absolutely always drop that 100 time 1/4th of a second everytime you do them though.[sarcasm]

hey man, thats allot of sarcasm there, hard to tell whats real and true but I really need your advice or whether your a coach or not.


i am not a coach, but i can tell you those arn’t the best outdoor non weight room exercises.

I dunno about the body-weight vs non-body weight idea - it sounds rather arbitrary.

All those exercises look fine. The real question to be asking is WHEN to do which exercises. For example the timed miles would be fine in the off season to build aerobic endurance but would hinder progress, recovery and the resources available for exercise more specific to your goals in a competition period.

I agree with d_nasty that the best types of activity are those that most closely resemble the sport you are training for, but this lacks variety. Variety is mainly used to prevent burnout and to build a progression towards your ultimate goals.