Sprinters Lifting Program

Whats up everyone. I would say I am serious lifting for the past 2 years now. It has brought my body fat down and and made me absolutely a better person. When I graduated from high school I was 180 pounds and recieve a track scholarship and I looked no where as good a I did, and I was no where as strong. Now I am 165 pounds stronger than ive ever been. So after 2 year lay off I am making a come back to the track running the 400 meters.

I am having problems putting together a lifting program for my sprinting.The 400 meters is a sprint(some people think its distance), and I need to have the power and strength of a 100 meter sprinter. So I need some info on how to put my program together. Basically what reps and sets for heavy lifting program to develope maximum power.Detailed big time. I want to be precise. Something else to think about is that I work out by myself so I want to be as safe as possible. I can do all the olympic lifts except the snatch. So if you guys can help me put together a great lifting program to help me be more powerful I would appreciate it. I will take all suggestionsm,even on supplementation and rest because I really want to do this really bad. LOL and if it helps I love to squat. My first race will be April the 8th. Thanx alot guys.

No need for the double post.

What have you been doing, specifically, up to tyhis point (maybe some example training weeks for the last few months)?

What are your PB’s? How is your fitness currently? Why the layoff?

is it, you left school at 17, then started lifting for 2yrs? so, your now 19?
or, you left school fit, got fat, 5 yrs later stated weights, now at 25 time to run again?
were you already doing powerlifting or bodybuilding or just weights?
how strong are you now, what do you do now for weights? maybe what you are doing now is all you need???

Ok. I graduated high school in 2002. I got a track scholarship and when to school in 2002 fall. I left because of some personal issues in spring of 2003. After that I feel out of love with track and balloon up to 210 pounds. In between that time I got back into olympic tkd,not much lifting. In 2004 fall I went on a diet from my 210 with lifting. Bodybuilding style if you want to call it that but I lifted as heavy and as hard as possible. A program that was one body part one day a week:Chest bench press 4x8 with 65 pound dumbells,incline press with 45 pound dumbells 3x8,cable flys 3x10 and dips with body weight. And on occasion i mixed in cleans and jerks.I am now 165 pounds which was 16 pounds lighter than when i graduated college and I am way stronger than I was then.I hope this helps… and im 21 lol not 25

i think you should get a copy of the strength books available on this site, they go into great detail and sounds like its exactly what your after. they explain sets and reps, planning which exercise’s ect ect

i could give you some ideas. like deadlifts, squats, bench, chinups, rows
german volume

either way, you are now down in weight, sounds like lean weight. now its time to add muscle size, maybe german volume? particular if you are in off season. as the season progresses, and you are getting used to some more compound exercises, maybe start doing say 5x5 or lower reps?
Really, i would go out, get some books, like Bud mike says, study up. Then, put together a program that YOU like, and post it, see what it said then!

I don’t think H.I.T. is what this guy needs. Have you read the threads on HIT here? Do research here on the site, use the search function, then when you have specific questions, it will help much more for others to help out.

this may be dum but can you explain H.I.T i have no clue

I think you’ll find your answers here, Bud Mike.


im just saying i could give all sorts of advice on all sorts of different training programs. the guy is asking for a blue print program. something i dont have the time for. if he does his homework on all the different types of programs, find one that he thinks will suit his particular needs, then we can give him some more help. H.I.T. is just something out there. i dont really recomend it, but i understand it. as with most programs out there. have a look at them all, find out what you like personally. What i like doing, and works for me, may not work for others and they may or may not like even doing it??? I personally like higher volume and doing supersets. Cause i am a naturally skinny runt (but not anymore)and i like the feeling i get from doing a hard workout v’s just lifting heavy.
You should be able to find most of what is out there on this site.

TKD you need to study the Westside principles on strength training and then tailor them to your needs, the use of the conjugated method of strength training will improve all your special strength’s requirements and you will have a transfer from the weight’s room onto the track!

As TC said in your other post, I would start with the “Lactate Threshold” thread first, that’s the main issue for you. There are some ideas for weights there, too, but get your running right first!

PS TC, it could easily be “L. Tolerance”, too! :stuck_out_tongue: