Sprinter PACE?

I have been trying to find some information on the MATH to find pace for sprinter. I know that it is different the VO2 Max training in distance training. I mean do I take the PR and take a percentage from that to find the training pace? Any help would be great and if you have a chart, the show what each percentage show be that would be great. Thanks :cool:

Can anyone help me? I know that during speed training you are running 95%-100% but now for Speed Endurance or Tempo training I know during the GP Phase we need to be 70% of the max. My Question is how do we find out pace? Is it done like this 25pr take 25/ 0.7=35.7 is this right? :confused:

I don’t exactly understand your question, but feel sorry that no one answers you! I will try to explain what I do.

In the GPP, I use for track work - Tempo (75%) and Speed (95% - 100%). In the SPP, I add Special Endurance - firstly split runs @ 90% - 95%. In Pre-comp, I add Speed Endurance (95%).

To determine the intensity of Tempo, e.g. - 8 x 200 @ 75%. Take the 200 time of your athlete (e.g. 20,6) times 100, divided by 75. That is approx 27,5. Your athlete will thus have to run the 200’s NOT FASTER than 27,5 - to experience the session as tempo work. Do the same with the Special Endurance and Speed Endurance.

Hope you do understand what I mean!

If you have more questions - or if I did not give a solution to your problem, feel free to ask again.

Thats right.

Use 70-75% of max on tempo days. The distances are 100-300m w/ a 50 m walk use 70-75% of max. I use a pocket metronome from sieko when doing tempo to help me keep my pace from falling off or speeding up.

I am new to this, but i read in the forum review book that Charlie takes the pr time, with consideration for surface (track, grass, etc) and divides it by .75 to get the TEMPO pace. If you go slower, thats ok, but if you go faster than 75% of pr, you are getting into the area that unless you are doing 90% or so (which is speed work or speed endurance) you are in an area that is neither speed nor tempo… and it will hurt your speed element.

Thanks for that great information!

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