Sprint video

I am a hockey player who has also gained interest in sprinting recently so I am kinda training for both. I ran one indoor meet this year and got 8.01 in the 60m. Here is a video of me running a 30m from a 3pt start the other day. I got a time of 4.38 from first movement using some video software program. I am just looking for some feedback and maybe some hints on training, imbalances, etc. One thing I noticed was that my feet are definitely turned out.

On a somewhat related note: anyone have a rough idea of what this 4.38 would translate to in a FAT 60m? 7.60ish sound about right?


take bigger steps

Hard to tell with the baggy sweats on, but looks like your knee lift could be a bit better. Your steps are short and choppy.

Look a bit tense in the upper body, feet are turned out when you run. How is your hip flexibility? What does your lifting scheme look like?

Yea I realized the sweats aren’t great for being able to see whats going on. I’ll wear some shorts next week.

I don’t think my upper body is that tense, maybe a little bit but I think that is something I am pretty conscious about and pretty good about. My hip flexibility isn’t great. Its improved a little bit lately but I realize it is something that needs to be worked on more and I will be more conscious of it. My setup looks like this:

2 sets movement efficiency
10m sprints ~120m total

  1. Front squat 4x4 (try to add weight each week)
    2A. Weighted push up 2x5
    2B. Split leg GM 2x5
    2C. Cable Rows 2x5

2 sets depth drops
video timed 30m sprints ~200m total (make sure all reps are fast)
Weights same but front squat 15-20% lighter

Tues and Sat-
dynamic warm up and mobility
low volume tempo

Don’t see much PC work there, except for the split leg GM. What about a deadlift or a dl variation? No oly’s? If it’s working for you then by all means don’t change anything, but just making a suggestion.

Hurdle walkovers are great for hip flexibility. Have you checked out the GPP dvd yet? It’s worth a view. What does your ab training look like?

Regarding p-chain work:
The reason I am front squatting and doing split leg GMs is that I was having some lower back pain a couple months ago at the end of my hockey season that would really bother me if I tried to DL, back sq, RDL, GM, etc. I wound up doing front squats and felt that they were fine and the split leg GMs takes the load off of my back so they are ok. I am quite hesitant to go back to bsq or dl because I am not really sure what caused the back issues and while my back feels fine for the most part nowadays it will all of the sudden hurt, seeminly out of nowhere. I’ve tried back squatting a few times and didn’t feel totally comfortable switching back.

I do, however, think that my pchain is lacking and I want to bring up my glute and ham strength. I think I am going to stick with my front squat heavy/light because I think I’ve been messing around for too long without really gaining some appreciable strength. With this basic set up I have gone from 185 2x5 to 210 4x4 in about 7wks so I’d like to stick with this and push my squat strength levels up to a respectable level. I think this will bring my glute strength up to par and I’m planning on adding some hammie EMS soon as well as maybe upping the volume of the GMs. How does this sound?

I don’t do OLYs first of all because my technique is pretty shitty and secondly because I don’t really see the point. I think the most bang for my buck will come with sprints, jumps and lifting heavy weights. I know a lot of people really like OLYs and most people include them but I have yet to really be convinced that they have a spot in my training.

I have the GPP dvd and agree that its worth a watch, in fact I think I’m gonna rewatch it tomorrow even though I just went through a modified GPP phase :smiley: . I don’t do any direct ab work because I just don’t see it as being a limiting factor considering all the work that is involved in front squats, GMs, sprints, depth drops, etc.

How do I do this without overstriding? I think I’m not getting full hip extension and my hips are pretty low, is this a result of just not being strong/powerful enough?

Maybe, maybe not. Just try it. Instead of taking 20 steps to 30m try to take 19 or 18 and time it…under same conditions.

Thanks for the tip. I’ll try it this week.

Here are the videos I got from my training session today. Mortac I took your advice and tried to take less steps. I only needed about 18 steps compared to 20 last week. While I think that my form looks and felt a bit better my best time was slower than last week so I’m not sure what to say. The second video was my fastest 4.42 ET compared to 4.38 last week. What do you guys think?




bump, anybody?

I think it looks a bit better. Sometimes a slightly slower but “better” 30m equals a faster 60m/100m time. It might be interesting to compare a fly 20m time (say from 25m-45m) using each approach.

Thanks Mortac.

I was planning on moving out my distances from 30m to 40m the week after next but maybe I’ll time a few 30s this week and then see if I can get the flying times for each style for a comparison.

Yea that stuff is always interesting. There are limitless other factors too such as wind, temperature, humidity, spectators, etc. I have often seen instances where a balls-to-the-wall 30m results in a 100 that is not optimal.

Yea in terms of training that stuff is fairly consistent for me but it is something to consider. We’ll see what happens when I get those times.

While I’ve got you… any thoughts on how my training is set up (outlined above)? I’d be happy to give more info if needed. Thanks.

It looks pretty low volume. Is that all you’re doing? Maybe you could add some plyos (jumps in place, bounds, etc) after your sprints. Maybe you could try romanian deadlifts again or single leg romanian deadlift? Or glute ham raises / manual glute ham raises?

I am doing that and some mobility circuits and tempo on Tues/Sat. I’ve also upped my sprint volume a little bit on Fridays. I’ve been thinking about trying some RDLs so I’ll see how they go tomorrow. Don’t like GHRs though… my calves always cramp like crazy. I’ll see how I can handle some jumps or med ball throws once I get used to the increased sprint volume and added RDLs if I wind up keeping them. Thanks for your input.

More videos for analysis :D. Mortac, I didn’t do the do the 25m-45m “flying” time today just because I train alone at school and the logistics of it just didn’t work. The second 30m was a PR though, 4.36 ET.



Here is my most recent video. Its a 60m from yesterday, 7.92 ET. The wind was blowing me around a little bit during the last 15-20m, this caught me off guard a little bit and I wasn’t able to relax as much as I would have liked. Anyway, I would appreciate any feedback.


Hey…good quality video for once. Have you considered getting sprint spikes? Something entry level would be fine (Nike Rival S for $10-$20). They help would prevent your heel from hitting so early & load your achilles more. Looks like you have Nike Rival D or something similar. Has your training changed any lately?