Sprint Training

Hi, I am new to the board and I was looking at doing this workout for a few weeks to get into sprinting shape. All runs will be done at 85-90% with a full rest inbetween. Iam a 100m-200m runner. I am undecided as to doing the workout displayed or having the longer runs on one day amd the shorter ones on another.


to be blunt, its not good.

search the site and check out some of the other people’s logs. you should either be running at >95% intensity or between 60-75% intensity, nothing in between.

run a search on tempo, gpp, short to long, speed sessions etc and you’ll get a good feel for how people train on this site.

Where is the low intensity work? Where is the periodization?

I just put togather a few workouts to get in shape.

doing high intensity back to back days will set u up for injuries. esp when its all week round. if u want to develop any component of speed then it has to be at 95% and above, other than that 75% and less to work on your fitness and recover your body. alternate between high and low intensity sessions. and as davan said: where is your gpp?? im assumin your saying ’ to get in shape’ so that is gpp. if so then you should introduce atleast ONE form of strength training to get u in sprinting shape. again you need to be more specific, what are ur pbs, training age, training phase and when are ur competitons

Sorry, My pb’s are 11.2 and 22.7. I have been training for 8 months. I haven’t done indoor track before. I have a few competitions in February and a big meet in early March. I will run the 60 with the occasionally 200/300m.

Weight Training:
5x5,3,3,1,1 Squats
3x5 Bench Press
3x5,3,3 Standing military press
3x4 Power Cleans
2-3 minutes rest between

Day 1
2x50@95% w 5min rest
Weight Training

Day 2
3x200m@75% w 2min rest

Day 3
3x150@95% w 5 min
Weight training

Day 4
2x250m@60% w 2min rest

Day 5
4x30- block starts
Weight training

i’;d pickup the CFTS or something.

Is that 11.2 FAT?

The program you have laid out will probably result in overtraining. Poke around this site (maybe even buy a book if you can) and learn some more about resting.

your program almost looks like some quasi gpp phase, and if its for pre comp there’s way to much volume with the %'s to low. Charlie even stated in his seminar he eliminates that middle % training everythongs either 90 or above or 65% or below(tempo) i agree with mikah either order some of charlie’s books or poke around the sight.

Yes that is F.A.T.,“mikeh”. so “Zenonth” I should change the 75% to anything under 65%?because tempo runs was what I was looking for. Iam trying to set up a gpp phase, not a precomp phase(at least not yet),I have a important meet in March but running fast in the summer is what counts. Iam going to look through some of the training posts for now. -S

normally u do your gpp in the fall. but all tempo runs should be sub maximal aka 65% and under 75% is starting to stress the nervious system./ tempo is ment for recovyer and to increase bloodflow and fiber regreneartion not taax again

I was looking through the following post: http://www.charliefrancis.com/community/showthread.php?t=1578&highlight=90-95%

And I was thinking of doing this type of training for a few months, comments?

Blocks, short speed running 20 to 60 m,
8x30 4 flying/4 blocks (90-95%, full recovery between reps)

Jumping day (drills, pop-ups, steps, etc.)

Speed running (80 to 120 m)
3x 80 2x100 (90-95%, full recovery between reps)

Jumping day or Active Rest

Speed endurance running (150 to 250m)
6x150 (90-95%, full recovery between reps)

Depending on your ability to handle plyos and how well you recover from workouts I would consider the following:

1 - Max speed/weights
2 - tempo (65% intensity), active rest or pool
3 - block work, short sprints, weights
4 - tempo (65% intensity), active rest or pool
5 - Speed endurance/weights
6 - tempo (65% intensity), active rest or pool
7 - REST

Some folks can handle 3 speed workouts a week, some have trouble with 2 speed workouts a week. Depends on age, (actual age and training age) as well as recovery/nutrition and sleep.

Personally I do a workout like the following (I am sub masters (31) but used to have PB’s similar to yours (consistent low 11’s FAT mid 22’s for 200 FAT)

1 - Max V and short sprints
2 - Weights and Recovery
3 - Active Rest
4 - power/lactic work (300,200 x 2 or 4 x 200 or a hill session)
5 - Weights and Recovery
6 - Active Rest
7 - REST

Rule of thumb is alternate your high intensity days with a low intensity day. Do your more CNS intensive session (max V) when you are the most rested and shift from CNS intensive towards muscular intensive sessions throughout the micro.

This will allow more recovery time for your nervous system.

Depending on your level it can sometimes take 8-10 days to recover your CNS after a PB.

There is a TON of great info here, do a lot of searching and you’ll do fine.

You have great potential with the times you have already run. With proper training I think 10’s and 21.XX are definitely possible for you.


Thanks, Chris. Yeah I am hoping for mid 10.XX and low 21.XX. Also I like your program set-up.
What is muscular intensive sessions?
is it power/lactic work?

Yep as your workouts progress through the micro from max V and very intensive short sprint/block work to speed endurance and finally “power” work you have an inverse relationship between CNS intensive work and muscular intensive work.

Given that the CNS can take a long time to recover (Depending on your level) its a good idea to maximize the recovery window for your CNS.

Good luck, you have great potential

Also check out the “concurrent” development threads. Kitkat and others have posted AWESOME information on this subject.


Since I am also going to be doing some jumping would this look better?

1 - Max speed/weights
2 – Jumping Technique (drills,pop-ups,steps)
3 - block work, short sprints, weights
4 - tempo (65% intensity), active rest or pool
5 - Speed endurance/weights
6 - Jumping Technique
7 - REST

What can be done instead of tempo but as active rest? -S

Include the jumping technique on your CNS intensive days at the end of the session. (After block work but before weights and after Speed endurance work but before weights)

I would not do jumping work on your max V day.

Alternatives to tempo are numerous.

Circuits and medball work (bodyweight style, triples etc)

Fartlek runs (on grass, light to medium intensity)

Pool work (running in the deep end and drills are very good for recovery)

treadmill work

Good luck