Sprint Terms Explanation Please....

Altought I am familiar with the fact that I may sound stupid. but can somoen please explain me the differences and purposes of the following drills:

  • pick-up drill
  • fly-ins
  • finish drills
  • wind-sprints
  • flying starts

It seems that the authorities uses them interchengably, so I have hard time to comprehend them and understand them… even Charlie mentioned in GPP a pick-up drill, and then on the charts was written finish drills… :confused:

Thanks in advance

Are fast-easy-fast and ins-and-outs the same???

Sorry for being stupis… but I think we need to clarify the terms for better understanding… Once again sorry for stupidity!

Sounds funny to discuss HI CNS fatigue, while people still don’t know the differences btw particual drills — me included! :slight_smile:

F-E-F is for me the same as ins&outs maybe ins&outs is the “euro” term for it?

Flying starts: lets say 50m with flying start
Athlete does his acceleration over x metres (like 30) and from that point on he starts doing his 50m. So the 50m starts around +95% of max speed. The first x metres are just a buildup to reach a proper speed.

Finish drills: same as above I thought, Charlie uses this term on the GPP dvd

Fly-ins: don’t heared about them but they sound the same like flying starts?

Wind sprints: I would say sprints with or against the wind, dunno what way :slight_smile:

I think wind sprints are a drill where you run from one line on the ground to another about 20 mts away touch the line then jog back, touch the start line and sprint again to the other line and so on and so forth.

correct me if I’m wrong

Maybe it is just europe but I thought these were like Gassers where you run fast to get “winded” e.g. repeat 60m with minimal rest = total lactic breakdown!

In Serbia, we use the term wind sprints for easy accelerations before main part of the workout (warmup 2 — specific warm up)

Flying starts are the sprints with the run-up as klazoid explained

But what is the difference btw fly-ins, pick-up drills and finish drills? Are they all referring to 30+20m (easy acceleration for 30m, after entering the 20m zone, keep speed and relaxation)???