Sprint Spikes

I’ve been ravenously using the search button lately because I feel bad about people posting the same questions over and over. I have been trying my best to find something about what sprint spikes to use but haven’t come across what I’m looking for. If you guys would be so kind… What are the top of the line sprint spikes right now for the 60-200m range? I’ve read reviews on a bunch of stuff, but thats all it is so I feel safer asking you guys. Thanks for any input!

its all personally preference.
I myself am a fan of Nike. Feel, Style and durability.
Right now I am sprinting in the G5’s.
I have had just about every Nike spike. So if you have any specific needs or questions just ask. But as I said its really personally preference.

A lot of people seem to like those Demolisher spikes but they’re a little too expensive for my liking.

There is no magic spike that will be the best for everyone. Try out a couple and see which one feels the best.

See this link.


Check out the mizuno geospark. I like them because they dont keep your heels too high. The spike plate feels thin and close to the track and very flexible.

You need to choose one that fits well. I can’t fit into Nike because the last (template foot they make the shoe off of) is too narrow for my feet. All of the most expensive spikes by the good manufacturers will be fine (as will cheaper ones!). Asics, Nike, Mizuno, Adidas etc…

I use Mizuno Geo Spark. They have velcro so I can change quickly!

yeah, well another problem i have encountered is the actuall spikes, as in the little pieces of metal not the soes. it my zoom rival s’ the nike spikes are CRAP, i mean uter bullshit, they got rounded and blunt after only a month of use and just a couple of concrete touches.

AND the replacements are priced 12 usd here in greece and are made from the same crapy mettal (BUTTER PERHAPS?!) whilst the shoe is very comfortable for my feet#$^@#

any idea if they make actually tougher spikes for the rival s’?

Olympikus Dash is the best, but i heard that new G5´s are good too.

Those pins you’re talking about are more than likely ceramic and yeah they wear down if you breathe on them too hard.

You can usually find metal pins which take far longer to break down, but then you have that tiny little increase in weight.


get steel x-mas tree spikes. There like 10 usd for a bag of 100!! I chang them like 2x a season and maybee a little more often in my long jump spikes because of the wooden board. Vsa athletics online sells them. Just do a search.

We cover spikes in our new movie coming soon!

In fact, we cover a boat load of stuff.


Personally and my coach’s rule is something with a softer mid plate for flexebility, I know at charlies seminar he wentoff about stiff plates causeing achillies problems and limiting dorsiflextion i’ve found they just send to much shock up the leg(stiff plate) and limit my extension.

The Christmas tree spikes are the best. The ceramic ones are about 1/3 the weight of metal but they do wear down quick. I have a feeling ceramic spikes are the only ones allowed at major championships. Can someone confirm this?

If you can afford them then the research I have read says they are the best but how much of a difference does a few grams make?

I know a lot of people, initially including myself overlook Reebok but man I just got a pair a little while ago and they are the best pair I have had by far, I used the Adidas meteor and the Mizuno Geospark before that. The Reebok’s have a very agressive plate but I find that my groundstrike feels very soft and the toe-off feels complete, with the Geospark I found that I felt like I was cut off. They are a bit heavy though, so if you like a minimal spike it would not be a good bet. It seems like anyone who goes Reebok swears by them, I knwo of a couple other sprinters from the area who were the same way when they sprinted.

I have used the G5’s this year as well as the older superflies and have found the superflies to be my ideal choice not to say the G5’s are bad they are really light weight.

I found however that with a really flexible plate I end up with extremly tender shins come the end of practice and into the next day. mainly from extremly tight tight calves.

I have never heard of a stiff plate limiting Dorsiflexion how would that occur it seems like an interesting concept.

As well the newest line of Nike spikes on the market the shock’s. To me they make no sense. is a sprinter not suppose to be on his toes which would therefore cause no usage of the shock what so ever. Is it there for just show?

Mizuno SS (New Shingo Suetsugu) Spikes tried and tested… They are undoubtably the ones!!! Light…great plate. Awesome. Ran two PB’s in them in one day. :smiley:

Where’d you get them from, and how much?? I use the Geo Spark and want to stay with mizuno, but don’t like the fit of the tokyo.

I was on a 5 month waiting list with Mizuno Japan. I built a very good relationship with the guys in marketing. Was well worth the wait.