Sprint programme for boxing

Hi guys,

Just wondered if anyone has any experience of sprint programmes for boxers. I’m of the opinion that the arduous roadwork theory is poor.

I was thinking of doing distances of 250 - 400m with short recoveries (1-2mins) of about 3-5 reps/sprints. Would this be suitable. I could fit in 1-2 sessions per week.:help:


I would not go further than 320m, in fact I would prefer to see you keep them around 200m. How many fights have you seen EVER where the fighters have gone all out for more than the first few seconds of each round, and then for the last few seconds? 320m should take between 35-42 seconds for you. I would take full recovery up to 20 minutes in between so that you can go 100% each time. Probs only 2 reps would be necessary.

If you were to take your stopwatch and time how long each fighter is giving 100% effort in the ring, (at the elite level), you will find that this rarely ever happens for more than one or 2 seconds at a time, and then the boxers dance around, which they could do all day without tiring. There is no sense of urgency in boxing nowadays. What do you think the intesity to active rest ratio would be for an elite boxer? Perhaps 1 : 3? I would venture to day even higher more like 1 : 5-6. What would that look like on the track? You could break up your 320m into 20m fast 60m relaxed (but aware mentally). You could then increase the overall reps to around 6, with less rest in between (only 7-10 minutes).

This is just a brain fart that I am having right now, so evaluate accordingly.:slight_smile:

I would think shorter tempo intervals would be better overall than a lot of road work, though the overall volume required would be fairly high.