Sprint, Jump shoe question... widths

My son is a sprinter and long jumper in HS. He is having problems with his big toe. It seems the spike plate hits his big toe right in the middle of thejoint (laterally). He is getting quite an inflamed area. What manufacturer makes the WIDEST sprint or jump spike? Thanks!

That’s the way I feel when I use Asics sprint spikes. I can feel the spike digging into the base of my toe.

I don’t know who makes the widest. I’ve always been fine with Nike/Adidas/Mizuno. It might have more to do with the spike layout than the width.

i wore asics for along time and i had trouble with the ball of the foot.resolution was to put a blank spike in(spikeless screw) and worked a treat everytime

thanks for the help. Good suggestions

New balance shoes come in different widths.