Sprint Drills

Which sprint drills you guys do on speed days? I’m thinking about sticking with 2-3 sprint drills on speed days and moving everything else to tempo days.

EX: Speed
Run A’s
Str leg bounds

EX: Tempo
Bum kicks

GPP: 3x10m
SPP: 2x20m

Normally I would do:
Bum kicks
Fast leg
Run A’s

Have seen the power speed video?

Yep… I’m slowly going away from drills with my athletes…

I only just joined this site, and I haven’t had the opportunity to view some of Charlie’s work, but could you explain why you’re slowly going away from drills with your athletes, RB34?

1: Shitty tech by athletes.
2 I can find other drills to use - I’m not using them for the purpose they were designed for.

What you gonna replace them with? How will you be teach sprint mechanics?

I use them to warm up the body and for mobility development - not really to teach sprint mech. I like the pose chop series little more then a/b’s etc…

How many days a week did you train last fall?

Where is this vid available? I don’t see it on the main page

probably means http://shop.charliefrancis.com/products/south-africa-series-practical-session-2-running-drills-and-starts

I don’t think that’s it. I don’t know when I got it. I just happen to see it one when when I was looking through some of my cf stuff. The vid is called power speed. It has Charlie and a athlete doin drills with and with out weights on the track. Then doing them on a slight hill

Between 4 and 5 last year. I was also playing flag football on weekends

It was a self-described realtime presentation that Charlie produced several years ago titled Speed & Strength. At the time I thought it was quite revealing regarding his concept on power speed and supports a good part on that topic (technical demonstration) as discussed in the Vancouver 2004 video. I also found it prerequisitional for the Fundamental Series and Peaking When It Counts videos.

yes I know the one, have that too. It and the med ball workout one aren’t in the store.