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Anyone see this 90min documentary on Pickering & Williamson last night? Sounds like there’s a bit of needle between them!

I saw it too! The best scene was when Harry AA was getting acupuncture! :smiley: That was so funny.

I never realised the “rivalry” was that big. All in all it was pretty inspiring, made me wanna go out and train.


iplayer link for anyone who missed it.

Yes I saw it too…those in the scene know about how it is with Simeon and Craig…infact there is a huge list of rivals of craig…

Was a good insight into the backgrounds of these guys…i’m not sure about the sort of light it shed on these guys though…it was also a shame that they didnt show anything on the 2008 season where the tables turned massively…

I give Simeon a lot of respect for his performance at the World Students. Winning the final after only sneaking 4th in the semi and then winning the ‘2nd’ final in a faster time than the first…

The 4 main training venues - Bath Uni, Brunel Uni, St Mary’s Uni and Crystal Palace are all places I train(ed) at regularly so I spent the whole time telling my missus, ‘been there… been there…’

Sad :frowning:

Hahahaha! Me too mate…in addition to that I was able to say “know him…know him,know her…know him…” and for the bonus was able to tell my missus the times that they’d win the race in before it came up on the screen. Extra bonus points there…:smiley:

How can the us non uk residents watch this?

If you cant view it someone will have to upload it to You Tube or something…I was going to record it onto dvd but didnt bother in end…sorry man.

is anyone else’s saying no longer available when they click the link?

mine does…im from US too

can any1 upload it to the torrents? or something? thanks

Link to the entire documentary,


I never realised that either! Why do you suppose that is?

Link to the entire documentary,


Is it possible to upload it either on Rapidshare or Megaupload or Sendspace?

I could not download it.


Use RealPlayer

i watched the whole thing…pretty good…how many of them will go under 10sec??..

can anyone upload to rapidshare?

how many of them will go under 10sec??..

One. Dwain Chambers. :wink:

Use RealPlayer

It worked. Thanks.

Funny, but true.