spring workouts

Tell me what you guys think about the spring basketball workouts:

M-F: track work will be geared towards speed, jumps, throws, and movement work.

Wed: track work will be ext tempo work.

M-F: upper body day, the core upper body work will be bench press and floor presses alt every two weeks: Sample workouts below:

Monday Upper body
Hang clean 5x50 5x55 5x60 5x65 (max ▬=80%cln)
Floor press 55x5 62.5x5 70x5 77.5x5 85x5 bonus (max ▬=92.5%bp)
Db floor press 2xmax reps
1a: Db row 12 12 12 12
1a:Rear fly’s 12 12 12 12
2a:Seated Db shrugs 15 15 15 15
2a:Barbell curls 15 15 15 15
Db side bends 15 15 15 15

Friday Upper body
Clean pull 5x70 5x70 5x70
Barbell pushup 3xmax reps (first 2 sets leave 1-2reps in tank, final set go to failure)
1a:Front Lat pd 12 12 12 12
1a:Seated powerclean 12 12 12 12
2a:Barbell shrugs 10 10 10
2a: Db triceps ext 12 12 12 12
3a:Lateral raises 12 12 12 12
3a: Db curls 10 10 10
Core Stabilization 30sec 30sec 30sec

Wed: lower body workout, the core lower body lifts will be back squat and front squat alt every 2 weeks. Sample workouts below:

Wednesday Lower body
Power clean 5x50 5x55 5x60 5x65
Deep front squats 55x5 62.5x5 70x5 77.5x5 85x5 bonus (max ▬=80%squat)
Db 1 leg squat 12 12 12
Glute ham raises 12 12 12
RDL 10 10 10
Team Ab circuit 3sets

At this time I dont have any built in deloads weeks and will play it by ear because these athletes overall training age is very low.

Here’s ours:

A dynamic warmup/movement prep is assumed, and I’m not listing it here.
We do 3 week blocks…these exercises will change in 3 weeks, usually to variations of the same exercise…
I didn’t put the %'s down, but these also change from week to week inside the block, usually alternating some kind of Low/Med/High volume and intensity differences…
M. Effort Stop Squat 6-7 sets of 5 reps
Step ups 4x3
Glute-ham raise - 4x8
Any bicep 3x10
Pull ups 3x10 (usually becomes 3x fail!)
Ab circuit
Post training - mobility, stretch, etc.

Run on court. all workouts have 20-30 minutes of speed mechanics/work…full rest intervals,etc. Followed by “conditioning” - Not what I would choose, but we all have to answer to someone :slight_smile:

Clean 6x2
jerk 5x3
Close grip bench 3x5
T-Bar row 4x8
Ab circuit
Post training

see Tues! - but I do have 3-4 different workouts that I’ll cycle through…

M. Effort Floor press 6-7 sets of 5
Incline bench 4x8
Skull crusher 4x8
DB shoulder - choice - 3x10
Pull ups
Ab circuit
Post training

Like we’ve discussed in the past, Tamfb, I then try to chase them off the court at night, because they all play too much basketball!!

So you lift mwf and run tth?

can you give a sample of what you mean low/med/high int?

what pre/post testing do you like to use with your players?

Yes, that’s our spring lift/run schedule.
We have 6 weeks from spring break to the end of the semester, and we follow this schedule for this 6 week period.
(at this time, I would prefer to do NO conditioning, only tempo and mechanics, but the coach insists that we do this)

As for the varying intensities of the aux. lifts, I just make sure that the players are subjected to different loads. For example, for our posterior chain exercises, if we go “heavy/high”, like 5x8 @ 80% for RDL’s, we might use a 3x10 @50% during the next workout for Reverse hypers…
The bottom line is, we don’t always go heavy, or train for mass, or train for reps, etc. We’ll switch it up.

As for testing, well, we don’t do much. Any weight room testing is “built in” to the program. During this particular 6 week period, I divided it into 2 3 week blocks. The first 3 weeks, we do M.E. Stop squats - week one, to a 5 rep max, week 2 , a 3 rep max, week 3, a 1 rep max.
This exercise changes to back squat for the final 3 weeks, with the same set/rep scheme.
I’ll have a good idea of their max squat after that block…The same applies for floor press, which changes into flat bench.
While this might be a rudimentary way to get testing numbers, the kids love it, and they are still of young enough training age that this has worked well!
Over the course of the year, we’ll have training maxes on:
flat bench
close grip

The only other thing we occasionally test for is VJ, but coach doesn’t find it all that important, nor do I - although it would be nice to see the actual testing numbers increase…

Nice setup, I think this year we gonna test the vj and some kind of speed test (10 or 40) since we are going to hit the speed stuff hard this spring. I was even thinking about testing some kind of COD like a pro agility test etc.

If I read it correctly you are only having them squat on wednesdays.

In addition the primary stimulus is a deep front squat at relatively high intensity for significant volume.

I would wager that they will battle with significant soreness.

I suggest you break up the volume of front squats and disperse it amongst Mon and Fri as well.

yes they are only squatting once a week i understand where you are coming, i remember CF mention months ago about spreading vol over the week. I have to say you are wrong they dont exp any sorness at all in the lower body by training it only once a week, you must remember that the pulls are total body movements.

also remember these guys will also be playing pick up games during the week.

Yes, the pulls involve knee bend; however, due to the lesser degree of knee bend, especially with power versions, I would have suspected that the deep front squat would still leave a mark.

You say no, however.

You still may want to think about spreading the load around in favor of stronger adaptation.

Remember also i am rotating the fs and bs, week 1/2 front squat, week 3/4 back squats, the first week will be 5x5 working to 85% second week 5x3 working to 92.5%. The guys i have now really need to improve on everything, bigger, stronger, faster, mobility etc and i have about 7 weeks to get my work done. before i gave this much thought i was leaning towards:

3 weeks of accumulation
3 weeks of transmutation
1 week deload
1 week post testing

Also i think with team sports you need to do more aux work vs track field you only need the big 3 pc,sq,bp.

I’d suggest the greater volume of auxiliary work during accumulation and then minimize it during transmutation- this is what I do with my guys- most specifically regarding lower body work.

Could you post a sample? What kind of volume for as set/rep during the accumulation do you like with your guys?

My original plan looked something like this:


lat pd

I’ll be brief (getting ready to turn in for the night) throughout accumulation I took them from 60% to 67% to 75% over the course of three weeks.

I had to work within a 2 upper/2 lower frame work. (I get to go to M,W,F total after spring ball)

More exercises during accumulation, less during transmutation as I increased the volume of SPP work (field drills by position) during transmutation.

Those percentages applied to bench and squat although there is much more leeway for volume and intensity of upper body work, especially since the pads haven’t gone on yet.

My primary organism ‘strengtheners’ remain bench and squat and I rarely change the variation. Exceptions are option to box squat during intensive phases of practice as the box squat is less stressful, structurally. I also like the bench press suspended in bands at points during the season because it really deloads the shoulders, again less structural stress, while still providing the stimulus.

Much more variety/change in auxiliary lifts because intensities are never high enough to yield any meaningful amount of soreness or stiffness.

Volume of upper exercises generally remains higher throughout the year while volume of lower exercises generally remains lower throughout the year.

That’s it for the night. Guten abend.

Thanks for the help, ill keep you posted.

have you ever worked with bb players, i think they really respond will to one lower body workout per week, bc we have no control of how much pick up ball they play?

I really like this set-up.

What is ip on Friday, can’t figure that out.

I need to put on about 10-12lbs in 10 weeks while staying quick and lean. I’m hoping this can do it for me.

incline press?

just a little bump

Yes, but not since my days at the high school and I did not work with them during the competitive season.

If I remember correctly I scheduled their training congruently with their ‘open gym’ play.

Devils, tampfb, or James Smith,

If you have your athletes following this plan, when do you have them doing HI intensity skill work such as shooting jumpers etc.?

I know it has been said you cannot control when or how much they play pickup or play ball, but if you had a say in the matter, when would you have them do it?