spring workouts


Our guys are touching a ball daily…As for skill work, I’d classify what most of them are doing as low intensity.

As for pick up ball - at near game speed - I’d like to limit it to 1-2 times/week. tops.
I know I can’t ever make them stop, I’m trying to teach them that all their activity level is inter-related, and the effects are cummulative on their bodies.
Especially important is the effects on the the guys who are trying to gain weight. I’ve got 2 bean poles who NEED to get bigger, and they have actually agreed to only play full court 1 day a week, thank god…

Hope this helps!

Thanks Devils!

I am going to start your plan as I just finished my senior year of basketball and am going to play at the collegiate level.

I’m hoping the running on tues/thurs will be able to keep me in decent shape for my visits when i will play pick up with the guys on the team.

my basketball group just completed there spring workouts, the biggest increase we had was by a jr guard.

power clean increased 47lbs: 195 to 242
full back squat increased 74lbs: 200 to 274
bench press increased 24lbs: 225 to 249

Our template was very simple:
2 weeks acc (2x lower/2x upper)
3 weeks transmutation (3x total body)
1 week deload (3x total body/<vol)
1 week performance testing

What were your sets and reps each week for the transmutation phase?

5-3-1 linear progression, we worked up to 102%then deload the following week. i think the results could have been better but you know how dumb bb players are, they play soo much.


glad to see you were happy with the spring’s results!

I just finished going through our results…I don’t have it broken down by player yet, but here’s the overall #'s for our guys (11 total athletes):
highest clean - 117 kgs
average clean - 90 kgs
lowest clean - 65

highest bench - 290
average bench - 237
lowest - 170 (note: - this kid only did 125 in the fall!!))

highest squat - 155 kgs
average squat - 131 kgs
lowest - 100 kgs (same kid as above, could only do 60 in fall without severe valgus, we built him up slowly…)

Have a great summer “break”:slight_smile:

highest clean: 242lbs
lowest clean: 158
ave clean: 202

highest squat: 405lbs
lowest squat: 175
ave squat: 243

highest bp: 316lbs
lowest bp: 125
ave bp: 217

highest vj: 31
lowest vj: 22
ave vj: 25

Are you training anyone this summer?
How did you solve the valgus problem?
How deep do ur athletes squat?

Yes, the I’ll be seeing the whole team 1 day a week…Most will come back (none will live here), and we’ll all train, followed by - you guessed it - a live “pick up” game…

As for the Valgus, education was half of the battle. I showed him videos & pictures of proper form (gotta love the Milo Ivan Chakarov photo), and had him actively push his knees out until he learned how to do it…
We also went to a box from time to time, until he became comfortable. This kid was a baby deer-like Bambi…He had never squatted before…
As for depth, I teach full olympic squats…however, as long as they are going below parallel, and maintain proper form, it counts!

what do you do with them one day per week?

Well, they have a 3x/week summer program, so we rotate it so that I see one day of the routine every 3 weeks… The other two days they train on their own…
At least I’ll get to see some of everything this way, so there won’t be any slacking off!

Well I do not exactly plan that well but here is what I try to do for my personal basketball training

Monday- ME Leg work or a plyo+SE leg work, basketball hard drilling and/or playing at night
Tuesday- Upper, light drilling shooting after
Wednesday- Active recovery- try to stay away from any jump shooting and just do foul shot work
Thursday- Plyos+SE leg work, hard drilling or playing
Friday- light drilling
Saturday- AM play PM off
Sunday- totally off

Basically hard days monday and thursday- moderate tuesday friday and saturday off wednesday and sunday

Any thoughts?

the one thing i would be careful of is getting into your important phases too early. if you’re training for the basketball season in the winter, you have to realize that there’s the whole summer and all of fall before the season starts.

i dont know how much time you took off after your season, but usually when you get back into training you want to start of lighter and gradually get into heavy stuff.

this is all based on my assumptions that you played a basketball season and are training for next season, so i dont know how much that helped.

Well yes basketball will not start untill november or so, but i have to report to school in August and do not know how much time or if i can do quality training there.