sprained ankle and training

i sprained my ankle on wed at practice, and after the inital pain it actually felt ok to run, so i ran a workout. But later in the day it swelled up alot. Has anyone else sprained their ankle, and how long they were unable to train? also, even though it feels much better, is their dangers in running on it only a couple days later.

Running on a sprained ankle prevents the over-stretched ligaments from healing properly. They thus remain too long and loose making your ankle less stable and, therefore, much more susceptible to subsequent strains.

I would suggest you get your ankle treated properly and don’t run for as long as your health care practitioner tells you (probably about one to three weeks).


done it twice.

get it x-rayed if the pain is equal to the day you did it.

Otherwise it is a two week recovery. Don’t run on it for two weeks, but do walk on it and go about your business.

Track365, how much pain in the ankle do you have currently and does it change your running gait? Has the swelling decreased? Any bruising? Is the injury to the inside or outside of your ankle?