SPP2 Layout

This is my thoughts for GPP2 and SPP2, i have already completed a 10 week gpp and the short - long spp1. Thoughts and any suggestions or advice are welcome

GPP- 4 weeks
Tues - hills, up to 40m, med ball, plyos
wed- tempo, abs
thurs - Special end 300’s with short rec, med ball, plyos
fri- tempo, abs
sat - efe, fef, runs with flying start up to 120m
sun - tempo, abs

SPP - 12 weeks
tues - accel, block work up to 60m, plyos, medball
wed - tempo, abs
thurs - special endurance starting at 300 with short recovery working down to 200’s with long recovery, plyos, med ball
fri- tempo, abs
sat - flying 20’s, runs up to 120 with flying starts
sun - tempo abs

for sat and the flying runs intensity will start at 60m where i left off in spp1 then work up to 100m with increasing recoveries

help and thoughts are wanted.

Looks like a plan,
however the length of the 2nd Gpp could be shorter? I thought they were from no. 2gpp on like 1-2wks in length? Not sure.
Otherwise it looks good.
oh, remember the Running A strength drills at the ends too!

I think thats for gpp3, correct me if im wrong. And it is shorter from 10 weeks to 4 weeks, im still a developing sprinter so i still think i need the work.

About the running A’s i have lots of those planned, im gonna go out to 50m and do up to 4 of them, thats gonna hurt.

kool as man. Looks like you have planned out well, now its time to impliment these. Keep on track, and follow the plan.

Thanks Bold, is it me or are we the only two that post in this part of the forum. Nobody else has any comments

its like everybody has lost their passwords…

I posted her once in the last month or so and I waited for over 3 weeks…w/ no response.

At least you got one.

sorry, well do you have any thoughts on the spp shown

I’m still around guys. Looks okay Surf, I’ll outline one of my group’s SPP2 so you can compare, this is current:

Mon Acc 20m & 30m 80m 100m 120m Weights A’s 3x30m

Tues Tempo + Med Ball & Bodyweight Cond’

Wed Rest

Thu Acc 20m & 30m 300m x 2 Weights A’s 3x30m

Fri Tempo + Med Ball etc

Sat Weights + A’s 60m 70m 80m

Comments/questions welcome

Phil, The Sat is speed day, Mon is speed day, What is Sunday?
I hope between the speed days is a tempo day to loosen up the legs, otherwise the warmup on Mon will take extra long to loosen up properly. I like the set up between Mon speed and thurs speed, that will work well.

What kind of athletes ages or times do you have?

Hi Bold, nope Saturday is just weights and technical endurance i.e. the A drill over 60 70 80m. Forgot to mention that Sunday is a rest day. At the moment it seems to be going okay. To answer your question Surf the guys doing this programme are in their mid 20s and are 11.1 -11.2 standard, plus one 42 year old who’s pb is 11.8 but I’m looking at an improvement on that. He has 5-6 years training behind him but this will be just his 2nd summer under my charge.

that looks good, wondering how the 42 year old copes with the weights 3x pw? From personal experience I would favour as you have but have no weights on the Saturday.

It looks good. I never thought about a technical endurance day before. Have you had these before in your training, how do you fell that they work?

I used it years ago and it proved successful (I think) it just drifted out of my programmes as I tried to include more quality workouts. Decided to bring it back in to avoid causing injuries and cut the quality track sessions down to 2 per week. Re the weights for the 42 year old he manages just fine. He can Deadlift just under 200kg. We don’t have long lifting units, just one core lift with 1 or 2 supplementary lifts and 3 sets of an abdominal exercise per session. I find that doesn’t stress the CNS too much having already done some fast running. I rotate the core lifts a bit to avoid stagnancy but not so much they lose touch with the technique. Thanks for the positive comments.

That is the key IMHO 3 x pw is fine at that age if you have lower volume sessions and spread the load of the week.

Re the running A’s CF really pushed those at his Aus seminar and they are a key component in the graph programmes. I know Bold gave some a go immediately afterwards and paid the price over the next few days :stuck_out_tongue: I’m sure he wont mind me sharing this from his log

70m A skips 5min recovery
40m A skips

did you do those as that strength endurance he talked about?

Mate, them are friggen hard. I will work on em slowly. It really really hits the hip flexors. Then when you go a walkin, you feel like you cant walk properly, not a nice feeling.

What kind of recoverie times did CF talk about during the seminar for 30m A’s I started doing 50m A’s. Or phil what kind of recoverie times do you use.

Full was the term he used then followed it up with a statement that it varies upon the athlete and day. He felt this was better than X time. He had a similar view to the short speed work, it appears the only specified times are for the SE.

interesting, did he recommend moving out distances or keeping within 30 m

I have using 1.5 min rest for 30m and by the last one, i can barely raise my hips, i guess that was wrong and should be avoided

You should have the graphs from the Vancouver DVD he has distances on there and the L-S are very different to the S-L.