SPP1 vs SPP2

Hello everyone I would like to know the differences and the purposes of SPP1 & SPP2
I´m arriving at the end of my GPP and I don´t know exactly what I´m supposed to do now (I don´t have a trainer :frowning: )

To be more concrete I have to say that my GPP has been not more ideal , but the fact is that the day of my first competition is coming soon and I have to train specifical.

Well I hope you could help me (like you have done since I joint that forum :o )

THanks in anvance.Be with god! :slight_smile:

Give us more details about your GPP!! Depending on what you’ve done so far, SPP is different…
Read this forum as much as you can!!

Well the fact is that I´m just ending my first GPP and well we can say that it hasn´t been so great.

My GPP has been based on 2 sessions/week of weight training (trying to manage medium-heavy weights) , plus 3 to 4 sessions of tempo (like 8x200 or 12x100 or alternating 100 and 200 in the same manner that Charlie comments on CFTS)adding some callisthenics and technique drills in that sessions.

By other side I have my first meet at January 30
so now I´m starting practice the block starts , the drive phase and the first 60 meter but I must confess that I´m still so lost in the principles of the training for speed (for now I´ve read the CFTS at least :o )

Well thát´s a great picture of my GPP if you need me to be more concrete I´ll try my best the next time :slight_smile:

See you later :slight_smile: !!! Be with god!!!

So basically you haven’t done any acceleration training, or hill training?
Any work at the track at all?
I know it might be difficult for you, but if you could buy the GPP DVD from the store, you won’t regret it!!
If not, search this forum as much as you can!

Nik makes some very good points. As a matter of fact, you might want to do hill buildups and/or medicine ball throws prior to the blocks.

His recommendation concerning the GPP DVD is a good one. In fact, your general preparation may not be complete!

Well that fact could explain all the terrible fatigue that I´m feeling after the work at the track :frowning: and all the lacks that I couls see in my physique status :frowning:

I´m waiting ´til I get some money to order the GPP dvd but the fact is that now I need to train somehow and I´m lot of confused cause I see lots of sample programs that I can´t interpretate correctly because of my novice and my lack of language (I´m not a usual English conversator :o )

A few days ago I get the CFTS , and well after read it I can say that it is a great book but not a definitely guide to train.

I hope in christmas I will get the GPP dvd , but til that day I hope I could get the answers I need searching here , in the forum :o

One more time lot of thanks , I don´t know where I would go without your help :o Be with god!!!