SPP1 for Ice breaker meet

So trying to have a nice fast meet for an opener in December.

Currently this is week 2 of my SPP of a S-L 12 week plan.

Last weeks (the first week) workouts:

Monday: HI
2x10m sled
4x10m push up start
1x20m sled
4x20m push up start
2x25 block (3.84, 3.81)
SE split reps - 3x4x60 (20m int. limit)
Squat: 8,8,6

Tues: 1600m tempo
Wed: 800m tempo + light stair hops
Thurs: 1200m tempo

Friday: HI
2x10m sled
4x10m push up start
1x20m sled
4x20m push up start
2x25 block (3.71, 3.68) much faster
SE split reps - 3x4x60 (20m int. limit)
Squat: 8,6,4

Over the weekend, felt very tight. Did some massage and stretching.

Was still feeling drained yesterday (monday) so I did tempo for 1600m

This week so far:

Monday: still tight, so did tempo 1600m, lots of stretching. (I suspect the weights for the tightness)

Tuesday (today): HI
Here was the plan, at least:
2x10 sled
3x10 push up
1x20 sled
3x20 push up
4x25 block
3x4x60 (20m int. limit)

but, I ended up only doing 3 of those 25m blocks - 3.76, 3.86, 3.88 and I realized I needed to cut the last one. I also cut the SE splits to 2x4, and I didn’t do weights today.

Not sure why my performance dropped so much.

I will say I felt heavy since after the real good session on Friday. I felt very light on Friday and my turnover felt great. The crap workout today was about 2-3 hours later than I usually do it too because on Tuesday I don’t get out of class til 3:30-4:00. Normally I start training around 1-2. I’m feeling I should work some of this tightness out more with tempo tomorrow, and go even lower on Thursday, and try again Friday.

I just don’t understand what happened though for such a big drop off. Anyways, the “tightness” I am talking about, is like I feel like especially my glutes are contracting slowly, and they sort of have that pumped feeling. Wasn’t even really sore after Friday’s session. 3.68 is a good 25m time for me. And so this week’s first session I did worse than last week’s worst (3.84 compared to 3.88). It’s just really depressing to regress rather than progress :confused:

What all am I doing wrong? Do I just need to drop the weights?

Any thoughts, advice, help is much appreciated. Going to try and update this journal as much as I can.

Your volume of sprint work is way too high. You’re doing almost 1000m per session, which is at least twice as much as it should be.

Well I know that in Key Concepts, Charlie said you could even do up to 240m + SE split reps. It’s not 1000m of speed, it’s actually less than 200m in the session I described of actual speed. The rest is SE.

Now, I haven’t seen the Vancouver 04 graphs that everyone on here talks about, but maybe a 2 day HI S-L schedule doesn’t do SE split reps on both days. But, I don’t know that for certain. I know for a 3 HI day schedule you can do SE splits 2x/wk so I don’t see why not on a 2 HI schedule. Does anyone know if it’s 1x/wk on the 2 day HI S-L?

What am I doing wrong :frowning:

Well you have to read it again
What is the total volume in your workout?
2x10m sled
4x10m push up start
1x20m sled
4x20m push up start
2x25 block (4x25)

You are feeling like crap cause you are doing too much!!!

What do I do then??
Did you see what I asked? Do I JUST do SE split reps one day, and the other be JUST speed work? OR do I space it out and go Monday and Friday JUST SE split reps, and Wed speed?

I need some guidance guys. It’s not like I have any of the charts to go by… please help

The charts for 2 HI days say that one day is speed and 1 day of speed end. For 3 HI days it is 2 days of speed and 1 day of speed end.
I would cut the 3 x 4 x 60 from your session and run that on an alternate day SE as it’s own session.

I would split them into acceleration on one day and SE the other. Btw, I said sprint work not speed work, which I used to encompass both. Charlie’s examples are for elite athletes, so the volume is higher than most can handle.

Understood. Like I stated in my other thread, I did 3x HI this summer and it worked pretty well, I just needed to keep the days very specific and the volumes low enough for me to recover.
So SE split reps should be done once a week - well how much accel volumes can be done in that session then before the SE split reps are done? maybe 60-120m tops?

So would I be better off and see more progress if I went, say, Speed on Monday, SE split reps Wed., then Speed again on Friday?

This summer I did max velocity on Monday, speed endurance wednesday, and shorter accels on Friday.

So if I did set it up like speed Mon, SE wed, speed Fri, I guess my question is what should I vary Monday and Friday? That is, if you think that schedule is doable.

I wouldn’t worry about doing acceleration before SE split runs. You are accelerating to 20m 12 times in that session, which should be more than enough. maybe you can do a couple of 20s or 30s as the last stage of your warm-up before starting the split runs. A total of 480-520m of SE work per session sounds about right. As intensity increases you can decrease the volume down to about 300-350m. I’d keep the total volume of accelerations to 300m or less on your speed day. If you really want 3 HI days I’d go even lower.

I`m not totally happy with the schedule you propose, shown below.
Mon: Speed
Wed: SE
Fri: Speed

Except for putting a couple of back-to-back hard workouts in my pre-comp phase (to prepare for meets), I like to give 48hrs recovery after speed, and 72hrs recovery after SE. I feel that your speed wont quite be there on the Friday. The Friday might be a good day for short acceleration work, but I dont like it as a top speed day.

Yes, with 3 HI days, Mon top speed (ie flying sprints/ins and outs) and Fri acceleration work sounds good.

I agree totally about that. Like I said about my summer schedule, my Monday was Max V. I would not have been able to do that on Friday so I stuck to lower volume and short accels.

So when I am actually doing real fly work like in November, I plan on doing that on Mondays, which is what I did this summer.
96 hours between the actual pure speed sessions (monday, friday) worked well for me anyways. The middle wednesday session is slightly less draining on the CNS than pure speed. So then the weekend allows for supercompensation, then you’re ready for the next week.

Today did 1500m tempo. Going to do some massage tonight, and probably just rest for tomorrow and then see what I can do speed-wise on Friday.

But anyhow, I do remember reading on two peoples’ journals they were doing split reps on monday and friday, with speed wednesday. Just explaining, that’s the reason why I did that.

newb probs I guess.

There is a couple of problems in your program

  1. You are 16 weeks away from your comp in December that’s the long, long way to go
  2. By doing speed on Mon and Fri (acc) and SE on Wed you’ll be reaching your form way sooner because the two really HI days.
  3. Your: 2x10m sled, 4x10m push up start, 1x20m sled, 4x20m push up start, 2x25 block (4x25), 3x4x60 is really high volume for some on who is new to S to L its 930m-980m in total!!!
    There is also 13 to 15 starts before SE runs, there is pretty good data that big number of starts accumulates lactate plus its a quite big stress, so by the time you are at the end of your second set of 4 you are toasted. The total volume of 980m can be designed as 2x10+ 4x4x60 workout, huge volume for someone new into the system. 4x20+ 3x3x60 that’s might be more tolerable for you which is 620m of total volume.

The concept of two SE days is to get a 1) lactate response, 2) working on the form of running. Lactate accumulation/ response/ adaptation in the first mesocycle or two, will help you with the higher quality runs in the later stages of the program.

Do not rush your program.

You have read two peoples’ journals, any conclusions?

It’s actually 12 weeks, but yeah I totally get the volume problem there.

“The concept of two SE days is to get a 1) lactate response, 2) working on the form of running. Lactate accumulation/ response/ adaptation in the first mesocycle or two, will help you with the higher quality runs in the later stages of the program”
So are you saying I should do that?

I’m really not trying to rush my program, I know 12 weeks is still quite a long SPP (8 is typical from what I’ve seen), but I just misunderstood a few things in reading about the SE split reps idea. I’ve never done them before.
I’ve read a ton of journals, but I distinctly remember 2 guys using the SE split reps. One guy ended up getting a lot of minor injuries and thus didn’t compete much, the other guy was pretty good though.

So just speed on my next HI session for me though. But again, are you suggesting the 2 SE program you outlined?

Well, ask yourself question. Are there any benefits of running SE splits? What are they?

Out of curiosity, what your GPP program looked like?

I mean, you pretty much stated 'em. But I basically did some hills, ground/pushup starts, and I did split runs starting from 5m and built up to 15m intensity limit up til just before SPP. Low volumes. Usually under 200m speed. Mostly on grass.
I was just going on a recovery based progression, so no real schedule. But I was doing something like 2 SE and one speed per week on average. I kept the volume on SE days well under 100, as I was mostly focusing on 10m starts.

Can you be more specific please
number of runs and distance, week 1, 2, 3, 4 plus days