SPP Review

i posted this in a diff thread but thought it would be appropriate here as well:

This is an excellent DVD. It may the best product released thus far. (Note: I have Vancouver 2003, 2004, Edmonton 2007, Speed Trap, CFTS, and all of the forum reviews so I feel that I can make a good comparison). It is very thorough and really speaks to many of the concerns that top coaches must deal with when planning out a training year.

Charlie explains what types of gains you can expect in an SPP. How long an SPP should be and why. He gives some different examples from various years for Ben of how and why he had diff SPP length and volumes of training. This is obviously applicable to those who coach athletes on diff levels.

Two of the important points that Charlie covers is how to select competitions (after the SPP is completed) for different levels of athletes and how to evaluate training at different points in the SPP. Misapplication of these principles can be costly and his advice is sound.

What could have made it better? If Charlie had talked more about maybe it’s applicability to female sprinters (e.g., would he do anything differently in terms of density, duration, volume, intensity) and if he maybe talked about how he might apply these more specifically to the longer sprints (i.e., 200m, 400m, 400H). These are minor concerns and do not at all detract from a very excellent product.

I feel that this is an excellent investment in your coaching development.