Sports hypnosis and brain entrainment

Hi, I have recently been looking into this, mostly by accident, as I struggle sleeping I was looking at ways to help me nod off and came across brain wave therapy using binaural beats.

It worked! The programme that contained the sleep patten also had a few aimed at sports performance and meditation etc that kinda thing

Plenty of searches bring up what appears anecdotal stuff but plenty of it for the use of binaural beats/brain waves and for hypnosis

What’s everyone’s thoughts or experiences


Brain Entrainment is in my experience key to be able to display effortless potential and achieve the high performance state defined “flow”,as well as to stay injury free in training and competition,recover and adapt. It is closely related to sleep pattern,namely,number of REM phases during sleep. Correct training and training management shall produce Brain Entrainment,no other artificial mean,if long term efficiency other than short term efficacy is what we are after in our training.

Pakewi, I’m curious your thoughts to what Oschman wrote in “Energy Medicine”…That the entrainment is a result of Ca2+ ions leaking which eventually causes a “silent phase”, lasting 5-25 seconds. During this time, Oschman believes brain waves are susceptible to entrainment by external fields.

Could this have some explanation into your post above?

I have screwed with Holosync which is overpriced but valuable. When I made time for it, I definitely noticed a difference in relaxation and overall parasympathetic type activity. I would take it to competitions and a holosync session immediately preceded my PB race several years back.

Which Holosync did you use? I was fortunate to get given some of that and have The Dive preset next to my bed so if I wake in the night I listen to that rather than lie awake thinking endlessly for hours. Definitely helps in that regard.

I would use level 1 dive then immersion.

I have also used Holosync. Theere are torrents available as well, for the “bargain hunters.”

It helps a ton. I prefer the tracks Quietude and Oasis when in study and in need of creativity.

Interestingly, as I continue to read Oschman, he talks about healers who have the ability to put their brain waves in an alpha state during their practice, which then translates to the client and helps their healing.

As I read this, i thought about Charlie’s comments on massage, “put your mind in neutral.” I find I am able to do this quiet well during massage work. Could one’s ability to do this impact their massage?

I have played with the idea of playing a Holosync track with headphones during massage, and see if there is a difference in the massage I give.

what about prior to athletic performance? warm up for instance

I haven’t used immersion much but the limited times I have I have found it relaxing only as opposed to the re-invigorated, ready to go (without being hyper) state I understand some others do. What was your experience? If you listened to both then that is about an hour, was that during warm up?

A-j I have never considered using them then as for me it takes away from what I understand a lot of the value of a warm up. It is a mental trigger and that is part of the reason people suggest having the same routine regardless of it being a training session versus OG Final. Now, assuming a person had strugled with nerves which negatively affected their performance then that could help.

ESTI, interesting.

Personally I find the rest between HI reps a hugely creative time.

I would do it either before warmup or in between races if time permitted. The goal was relaxation and I’ve always found value in anything relaxing before a race even a bit of relaxing massage. I don’t really believe in the dogma of specific “pre race” massage or neural wakeup drills at 6am. I found that I could wake the CNS and set muscle tone fairly well with a few caffeine pills, some Rammstein, and a vigorous warmup.

Interesting indeed.I have read Oschman,but do not recall your quote. Questions that come to my mind are : can we cause the very same “Ca2+ ions leaking” effect by training? If so,how? That would be quite an interesting discussion altogether.
Over time I got to the point that everything external to training and movement appears quite an inefficient strategy to me,at least long term results wise.

Also, I wonder if athletes in flow state (due to entrainment) have a high level of Ca leakage, which would mean flow is not constant, but depends on the ions???