Split Squat

How deep sprinters should go on split squats ?

90º knee for the suport leg ?
touching the ground with non-suport leg ?
135º knee for the suport leg ?
How you guys are doing this ?

For my circuits (unweighted) I’ve chosen back knee to ground to standardise depth. I put a thin cushion down so I don’t have a harsh contact. I try to keep the feet the same distance apart as well. I would do the same if I was doing it weighted as well. Would be interested to hear how others do it.

I thought it was pretty standard. I go as deep as I can without hitting my knee on the ground. I’m probably better at gauging than most, because I perform a lot of split cleans which require you to go very deep compared to say split jerks.

What i´ve heard is that,
if you keep your suport knee at about 90º and touch the ground with another, you´re working more your quads; if you go over 90º ( lets say 100, 110…) you´re working more glutes.
I´m doing both, starting 1st/2nd at 90º and then 110º; i use to do one rep each leg in sets of 6+6.
But, what is more related to sprint movements ?

That makes sense to me. Alter the distance between feet depending on on which muscle group you want to hit most.

Splitting hairs? Are you using this as a main exercise or assistance, weighted or unweighted? I wouldn’t use this as a main exercise, it’s too ‘easy’, too few MUs.

Splitting Hairs ? I´m not sure what is this…
But the split leg i´m doing is 42kg weighted and performed not so slow.

Sorry splitting hairs is a phrase we use here meaning it’s insignificant, not worth worrying about. You are doing another main strength movement before the split squats, yes?

These language phrases are like puzzles for me :o
I do half squats before and full squats after split squats, also, some curls and leg reverse same sessions.

For me, it doesn’t matter the angle - split squats always seem to work my glutes the most. I tend to have a hard time “feeling” my quads though.