Split Runs

in split runs…lets say i am gonna do a 150(3x60) i take a 3 min rest between the 150 and 3x60 but how much rest do i take between the 3x60 reps? 3 min as well?

walk back

3 min is too long b/t 150 and 3x60. I say 30-90 sec. to really feel the effects.

If I remember correctly you run the 400 and that means you need to learn to strike quickly when fatigued, so I would say to keep the rest short so you teach your body that.

400stud, in your GPP Phase, when you do Inten. Tempo @80-90%, what figure are you taking the 80-90% of, your goal pace for 400 in the upcoming season or what you feel you can do now, thanks.:slight_smile:

Sorry it took so long to reply, I had account problems. I do my runs at 80-90% of max effort. I stay away from times until Pre-Comp/Competiton phases.