Split Endurance Runs -being Pickey!

Split Endurance runs can be started early. On the other hand runs between 80-150m should only be attempted once all speed elements are in place.


Is the 1st run of a split endurance session (e.g. 150 in a 150+150 split) not in this speed endurance bracket that shouldnt be attempted till later in the season?

Is this not a contradiction?


No, because its one 300m that is split until it can be run at full speed, not 2 150s.

and its done usdually in flats not spikes and done at around 85%

I thought you do them in the 90+% range?

you could.

You start off at Int. Tempo pace and then progress to SE pace, right?

I’m already doing all out (100% effort for a 300m) split runs and I’m still in GPP. I don’t see a problem with this because even if my 30m times improve a tenth of a second and this could carry over to my 300m by a half second or slightly more, so what? I’ll run faster then, the times I’m running now are still very specific and are helping me improve muscle strength, work capacity, posture, and technique.

That’s kind of what I was stating in my thread above yours. Start off with 2-3 weeks of Int. Tempo and then progress to split runs (which are a type of SE), then SE2, then SE1, then speed endurance during the end of Pre-Comp. and all of Competition period.

So, to sum it up, there is no problem with going 100% in GPP as long as everything progresses.

i do split runs in my trainers so yes 85-90% i would be doin my 200’s in around 24-26.
since im basing the time off my time in spikes i would say closer to 26 then 24

85-90% I prefer not to sprint in that range.

My point is when doing SE runs (e.g. a 300m) you only have 2 runs and the intention is to do them f-a-s-t. If the runs are split (e.g. 150+150) the first run will effectively be a 150m 95-100%, while the second run, due to insufficient recovery, will be at 100% effort but no where near 100% of best time.

This first run, when being performed is effectively a Speed Endurance run (a 150m flat-out, performed while fresh). Should tis kind of running not be confined to later in the training year, when all training elements are in place.


I wasnt talking about SE i was tlaking about split runs whih had just evolved from intensive tempo. And i do those split runs as split 300’s. 200 rest 60-90 seconds then 100. i’ll do this x4-5.

ok thanks Quick.

I split runs I refer to are specifically split SE1 runs ala CFTS.

But its not separate from the 300, just a part of it. If you were running an all out 300 would you regard teh first 150 as a speed endurance run? If so, then you’re right its speed endurance earlier than advised, but is a definition issue.

Thanks Pete. Common sense prevails!

Can some one give me a example of how split runs are done? (volume pace, progressions etc)


One example would be something like 100-100-100 with 60-90secs b/t reps and full rest b/t sets (2-3). They can be done as slow as Int. Tempo pace or as fast as SE pace.

Progressions are usually to something like 150-150 but you usually progress away from them to pure SE runs.